How to Choose SEO Perfect Domain For Your Website & Blog

Introduction :

Most of the Webmasters where don't know about how to choose a domain , Selecting a best SEO Perfectible domain is the first step of  Search Engine Optimization . We know lot of blog's where teaching us the priority of the primary domain and secondary domain . Through this article we will learn about "How to choose a best SEO Perfectible Domain " & "What is Primary Domain and Secondary Domain " .

What is Primary Domain :

Primary domain are the main domain which people used to visit our blog or website . 
Example : 

What is Secondary Domain :

Secondary domain are the page address or post address which linked from our website to another web pages of our site , It is also must be a SEO Perfect one to Optimize by the Search Engine  .
Example : 

How To Select a Best SEO Perfectible Primary Domain For My Website or Blog : 

  • If you are creating a website related to Game Review's then you must select a primary domain related to Game Reviews . Example 1.0 : , , Etc
Here i will show you a good example of the importance of selecting primary domain and secondary domain . Look at the image that showed below this text .
Google Primary Domain Selection SEO Example Image
By following the image :
  1. A  user searching for "Game Cheats" .
  2. Google show's the best result for the user .
  3. Primary Domain which contains Game" & "Cheats" Comes as first result .
So it is very important , When Registering a domain for your website , You must choose the best and relevant keyword for the website like the example 1.0 .

Use Country Relevant TPL Domains :

Selecting TPL Domain is the next part of choosing best and SEO perfectible domain . Most of the webmasters don't what is TPL Domain and how to select best TPL Domain for their website .

What is TPL Domain :

We already know what is TPL Domain really .COM .IN .NET .INFO Etc are the TPL Domains .

TPL Domain Country Targeting : 

Some TPL Domain have specific Country Targeting and some of them don't have . Here i will show you a table of domains which for specific country's  and some for all .
  • .COM Domain = For all country's .
  • .IN Domain = For the country India .
  • .US Domain = For the country US .
  • .ORG Domain = For not country's but for Organisation .
  • .INFO Domain = For not country's but for Informations .
  • .CN Domain = For the country China .
  • .NET Domain = For all countries
So it is better to select .COM or .NET Domain as your TPL Domain , Because it is best and SEO Perfect .

Try to Avoid Spammy Domains :

Most of the webmasters where doing this mistake when registering their domains . Spammy domains are the domains which banned by Google Search Engine because of the DMCA Complaints .

How to a Domain was Spammy or Not :

Before registering your new domain , Just copy paste the domain to the Google Search Engine and search it . If the domain is an Spammy one , Google Search Engine will show some DMCA messages on the footer of the search results , 

I hope you well enjoyed this article . If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article don't forget to inform us . Thanks


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