Introduction :

We can find lot of Web-hosting providers at World Wide Web , About 20% of the Web-hosting providers where good and trustable and all other 80% were bad and untrustable . So buying a hosting panel is not easy at all , Through this article you will learn about "How to chose a perfect web-hosting partner to host your new website" .

By Looking Legacy :

Legacy is the only one thing which made a Web-hosting company to be a trustable one , If the Legacy of the web-hosting company was bad then people don't buy hosting from that company . 
  1. Good & Best hosting service will made the company good legacy .
  2. Best help & Support will also will make the company have a awesome legacy .
  3. User Friendly layout table website . 
  4. Toll Free calling system .
  5. 99% Uptime guaranteed Web-hosting . 
This are the features of good company .

Advertisement :

You can trust the company which always advertise with Adsense , If you are a web designer then you can see the advertisement by Google Adsense on each and every web site that you visiting , Only a company advertise their product on internet all other untrustable hosting groups where preferring forums for selling their hosting services .

By Searching Reviews :

We can search on the Google for review about a web hosting company before buying something from them , There is lot of site's which providing reviews about hosting company's . People always write review on review site if they cheated by any hosting company .

Some of the best Hosting Company :

  1. Bigrock - Get best and reliable hosting for your site . 24x7 times help line , Toll free number for calling , Support ticket , User Friendly layout table website .
  2. Hostgator - Hostgator also providing best web hosting service , Getting free toll free number , Support ticket , Live chat , Also very user friendly .
  3. Godaddy - Godaddy is a big hosting company , About millions of people where buyed webhosting and domain from Godaddy . 
This are the best hosting company that i preferred to buy hosting service and domain names .

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  1. Thanks for sharing the very useful tips about how to choose the perfect web hosting company for hosting your website...


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