Introduction :

People searching on the internet for many purpose , Every searches have thousands of results and almost 80% of search result is from blog . Why ? Because people just loving write blogs . Writing blog was too easy it doesn't require any high requirements only need to know english language . With blog you can make lot's money by monetizing it with ad-network's . Today through this topic you will learn about "How to start a free blog using Blogspot" .

What Is Blogspot ?

Blogspot is a free blog hosting site developed and powered by Google , Through Blogspot you can create high quality blog with free unlimited blog posting . 
  1. You can add your own Premium Domain .
  2. You can add Premium TEMPLATES .
  3. You can add Co-Authors .
Also lot of other blogging function available in Blogspot .

How To Create My Own Free Blog Using Blogspot Blog - Steps :

To create a free blog with Blogspot , You need a A/c Associated with Google , Example A/c with Gmail - If you don't have an A/c just create one from here : Click Here . 
After create a A/c with Gmail , Just get in to the following address : .

Procedure to create a blog in blogspot

Click on the "New Blog" , A new window will appear to enter the Title and Address of the blog , Just select a SEO friendly name for your blog : 
Click on the link address below to learn about SEO friendly domains :

adding title and address for your blog

Click on the Create Blog button after entering the Title , Address and selecting the blog Template .

You are done in creating a free Blog A/c with Blogspot . 

Now you can start posting on blog and share them with your friends etc .

Chapter 2 : How To Make SEO Friendly Post in Blogspot Blog .

If you are a beginner in creating of Blog using Blogspot it is better to refer Chapter 2 to learn about blog posting .


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