Xtgem Blogging Option

Introduction :

Xtgem is a free wapsite builder , Using Xtgem you can build your own free wapsite with unlimited space and bandwidth . To create a wapsite in Xtgem you don't need to know any kind of programing language because Xtgem providing user friendly graphical tool to build wapsite . Also you can build your site from anywhere with your PC , Mobile , Tablet , Etc . For each devices Xtgem providing different type of Builder Layouts . 

Xtgem Blogging :

We know that blogging is now very popular because people love writing articles and publish to the internet and receiving comments , Replying comments etc . Xtgem is the first mobile site builder lunched the best ever mobile blogging facilities for their members . Through Xtgem you can build your own blog simply .Through this article you will learn about "How to create a simple mobile blog on Xtgem site Builder " .

How to Activate Xt Blog on My Xtgem Site :

  1. Login to your Xtgem Site Builder Panel .
  2. Enter to the site which you want to add the blog function .
  3. Create a page with name "blog" or anything like you for the blog .
  4. Enter to the blog page using the Graphical Builder .
  5. Click on the "+" button for add new element .
  6. Click on the "Social Button"  in the "Utilities" and follow the next step .
  7. Click on the "Blog" Button .
  8. Change Settings of your blog .
  9. Click on the "Add" Button .
  10. You are Done .

How to Configure My Xtgem Blog :

  • Post Display : On the Post Display section you can configure how your Xtblog want to appear . 
  • Blog Post Per Page : On this option you can configure how many post want to display on each page .
  • Show Time Of Entry In Blog Post :  With this option you can display time of your blog post published .
  • Post Comments Per Page : With this option you can set number of comments want to display on each page .
  • Entries Shorting : With this option you can assign the blog post listing Example : Which post want to show first and which one need to show last .
  • Comment Shorting : Comment Shorting also like Entries Shorting . Here the shorting will take action in comments .
  • Hide Entry Tags : With this option you can hide Tags of your blog post .
  • Show Search Box : With this option you can show or hide blog "Search Box" .

How to Setup Xt Blog Using Xt code :

Just copy and paste the code above me to your Xtgem site page using the "Code Editor" and Save the page  .

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