Create Your Own Wapsite Using Master-Land Autoindex Script

Introduction : 

Creating wapsite using hosted network's like Xtgem,Wapka are very easy but they have only a limited function to create a wapsite . So it is better to use any web hosting for creating a wapsite . Buying and managing a web hosting was easy today in the modern world .  If you are not capable to buy a web hosting plan it is better you to find some free cpanel web hosting websites . If you buy a web hosting plan , You must need to know some of the following programing languages to work with the panel , Php , Html , Java , Etc . If you don't know the language Php it is better you to learn some of the basic function of php example : Installation , Basic Configure Edit's Etc . Here on this article you will learn about a opensource script which developed by Master-Land . With Master-Land Autoindex you can create a fine awesome wapsite .

What is Autoindex :

It is very hard to manage 1000's of files at a time , Especially mobile site need lot of page . So it is not very easy to create thousand's of page and linking downloading contents on each page . I think we already familiar with CMS (Content Management System) . The CMS allow webmasters to manage millions of page at a time , Like CMS Autoindex also allow you to manage millions of files and pages at a time .

What is Master-Land :

Master-Land Autoindex (MLA) Wapscript is working like a CMS software . By using MLA wapmasters can create a wapsite simply , With MLA you can manage 1000 of files and pages at a time .

Functions Available In Master-Land Autoindex :

  • What Is Auto Download Page : When you upload a file using the administrator panel to your wapsite , The autoindex script will automatically create a download page for the file you uploaded .
  • Java App Icon Shower : When you upload a Java game or any other app by using the master-land autoindex , The autoindex script will automatically show the Java app icon .
  • Commenting Option : Commenting option allow your visitors to comment on your wapsite .
  • Shoutbox : Shoutbox allow your visitors to shut comments on your master-land autoindex wapsite .
  • Search Box : Searchbox allow your master-land autoindex visitors to search your site easly .
  • Administrator Panel : Administrator Panel allow you to manage your downloading file and comments directly not through cpanel .
  • Tpl Designer : Tpl Designer allow you to edit your wapsite html programs directly through the administrator panel .
Demo Screenshot of MLA :
Master-Land Demo

Minimum Server Requirements to Install Master-Land Autoindex Script :

To install Master-Land Autoindex Script on your server you need php 5.0 or more , Also you need Mysql  Database with PhpMyAdmin option .

How to Download Master-Land Autoindex Script :

Master-Land Autoindex script is an open source script , So it hosted on Github . You can download the latest version of MLA from Github itself . Go to the following address to download MLA Wapscript .

How to Install Master-Land Autoindex In My Cpanel :

  1. DownloadDownload Master-Land Autoindex Open Source script .
  2. Extraction : Upload the Zip file to your web server where you wish to install the autoindex script .
  3. Installation : Run the installation file by following example :
  4. Settings : Set your sitename administrator password mysql details there and click on the submit button .
  5. Deleting : After the installation delete the install.php file or just rename it to any other name . 
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