Create Your Own Facebook Friends Button For Your Website

Introduction :

Facebook is the No.1 Social Media and about billions of people were registered with them , So using Facebook Webmasters can easily obtain traffic to their sites . There is lot of ways to generate traffic from Facebook , By creating Like pages , By creating advertisement , By chatting with friends etc . But here on this topic you will learn about "Facebook Friends Invite Button For My Website Using API" .

By using the Facebook Friends Invite button your visitors can invite their Facebook friends to your website or blog easily .

Live Demo Of Facebook Friends Invite Button :

Facebook Application Development :

To create a Facebook Friends Invite Button you need to create a API Application in your Facebook A/c for that you need to click the following address and create one Facebook API by following the rules given below on this text .

Create a Facebook API Application : Click Here
  1. Click on the "Create Button" .
  2. On the "Display Name" Write your App name or your Website name .
  3. On the "Name Space" write anything specific for your App for identification , Or avoid it .
  4. Select "Category" To" Communication" .
  5. Click on the "Create App" Button .
Update :
After creating an App you need to configure your Facebook App settings like the following image display below .

Facebook Application Development
  • Update:- Click on the "Add Platform" Button for adding slab "Website" and "Facebook Canvas" .

Some Important Factors In Creating Of Facebook Application :

App_ID = App_ID will be automatically generated .
Display Name = Use any Display name for your application .
App Domain = Use your site address .
Contact Email Address = Use your Facebook contact email address .
Canvas Url = Your site address with example : url address must end with "/" .
Secure Canvas Url = Your site address example : url address must end with "/" .

After creating the Facebook API Application you need to step up to the next stage .

Copy down the following script into your webpage and change the " APP_ID" With your Application ID .
<script src=""></script>

function FacebookInviteFriends()
method: 'apprequests',
message: 'Your Message diaolog'

Add This Code Where Ever You Want To Show The Invite Button
<div id="fb-root"></div>
<a href='#' onclick="FacebookInviteFriends();"> 
<img src="">
You are done ..

I hope you well enjoyed this article .. Please write your feedback and suggestions to us using the comment box also please share this article with your friends by clicking the social media buttons . Thanks 


  1. will you give me your contact number for more details about source coding...

    1. Sure you can always contact me through my phone number and email address
      my phone number is : 9809673504
      email address is :

      You can add me on viber for contact ....

  2. Hi,

    I did everything you said. The facebook dialog is displayed. I then select my invited friends but they receive no invitation.

    Can you help ? Does facebook script changed ?

    1. Check the configuration you done on when you create Facebook ... Every one getting issues on there

    2. hello sir , even i am facing the same problem , please help me out
      thanks in advance

    3. Please tell me where u getting the problem ?

    4. hi, i am also facing some problem. invite send success message show in my website but its not shown in fb. kindly help me

    5. For every one who comment about this ... I will update this post with in one day ... I hope this is because this one expired ... When am doing this , This was working i hope it was happening because something changed on Facebook ... Thanks for your reports

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Warning:
    Game Requests are only available to games.

  5. i have used your code but it not working
    thats error occur "Game Requests are only available to games."

  6. and now pop close automatically without any actions

    1. I hope you got something problem with your API Key ... Just just check for any bugs.

    2. so, guide me to create api for invite frinds on facebook

    3. Just follow the image that posted above. You can do it.

  7. i am not getting nothing is happening because i have used this code in my website its showing success msg bt selected friend is not received anything please help me to do this work complete

  8. please reply me fast i want this for urgent

    1. Facebook blocked the API. SO, it will not work anymore.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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