Add Your Xtgem Wapsite On Google Search Engine

Introduction :

Today almost every webmaster and wapmasters where thinking about SEO , Because the feature of Top list's are getting down and the best way of getting real and organic clicks through Search Engines . To get traffic from Search Engines wapmaster must add their wapsite to Google Search Engine by using their Sitemap .  The sad news was Xtgem don't have an option to generate Sitemap . But by using an alternative method Xtgem members can add their wapsite to Google Search Engine . To learn the alternate way continue reading .

How to Add My Xtgem Wapsite to Google Search Engine :

To add your Xtgem wapsite to Google Search Engine you need to create Sitemap for your Xtgem wapsite . Without creating Sitemap you can't add your Xtgem wapsite on Google Search Engine .

How to Generate Sitemap For My Xtgem Wapsite :

To generate Sitemap for your Xtgem wapsite you need to visit the following steps . I am remanding you that Xtgem don't have an option to generate Sitemap so we must use an alternative method to generate Sitemap .
Generating Sitemap For Xtgem Wapsite
  • First of all you need to enter your site address on the Text-box which show's the "http://" and click on the "Start" Button for generating Sitemap .
Downloading Generated Xml Sitemap
  • After click on the "Start" Button your Xtgem site Sitemap will automatically generate and will be taken to a new page . After reaching the new page you need to click on the "Sitemap.xml" Link and download the Sitemap for your Xgem wapsite .

Uploading Sitemap to Xtgem Wapsite :

After generating Xml Sitemap for your Xtgem wapsite you need to log in to your Xtgem wapsite and upload the sitemap to your file-manger .
  • Log in to your Xtgem A/c .
  • Enter to the site which you generated Sitemap .
  • Click on the "File-Browser" & Click on the "Upload File".
  • Click on the "Upload File" Button .
  • Choose the "Sitemap" File and Upload it .
  • After uploading the Sitemap file to File-Browser go to the property's of it and copy the url address of it .
  • Example :

Adding your Xtgem site to Google Search Engine :

After uploading the sitemap to Xtgem you need to do the following steps on the Google Webmaster Tools for adding your Xtgem wapsite to Google Search Engine .
  • Log in to Google Webmaster Tools by using your Gmail A/c .
  • Click on the "Add a Site" Red Button .
  • Enter your Xtgem site adddress including "www." & Click on the Continue Button .
Adding Xtgem Wapsite To Google Webmaster Tools
  • Now you need to verify your Xtgem wapsite on Webmaster Tools , For that you need to download the "This Html Verification File" & Upload to your Xtgem File-Browser Root . After Uploading the File click on the "Verify" Button . 
  • Now Enter to the site which you added to the Google Webmaster Tools from Webmaster Tools and click on the "Sitemap" Tab .
  • Now click on the "Add/Test Sitemap" Button and enter the continue destination url address there .
  • Example : "" here the continue destination url address is "sitemap.xml" .
  • Click on the "Submit" Button .
  • You are Done .

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