Create a simple wapsite using wapka

Introduction :

Wapka is a no.1 mobile site builder , There is about millions of wapmasters where creating wapsite using Wapka mobile site builder . But it is very hard to understand the functions of Wapka . Due to the high complexity Wapka developers where developed a Content Manager System for creating wapsite . With the Content Manager new wapmaster can easily create wapsite on Wapka without causing any trouble . Through this article you are going to learn about creating a simple wapsite on Wapka using Content Manager .

Advantage Of Content Manager :

The Content Manger is like a Autoindex script , Which allow the user to manage the uploaded file direct from the administrator panel . The Content Manager will automatically obtain thumbnail and title of the Android Game , Images , Etc that you upload . User can upload unlimited file to Wapka there is no limitation of 200Mb .

How to Create a Simple Wapsite on Wapka :

To create a simple wapsite on Wapka you need to create a A/c with Wapka the mobile site builder and log in to it .  After log in to your Wapka A/c just follow the following steps .
  • Click on the "Create new wapsite" .
  • Enter the name of your wapsite at the first textbox and select sub-domain from the second text-box then click on the "Submit" Button .
  • Now click on the "Building Tools" .
  • Now click on the "Next Step" Button .
  • Now enter your wapsite "Page title" and "Site description" Then click on the "Submit" Button .
  • Finally you need to click on the "Preview" Button and watch your Wapka wapsite .

How to Upload Files and Create Category in My Wapka Wapsite :

It is very easy to upload files to your wapsite , The Content Manager will allow you to manage your Wapka files direct from the administrator panel .
  • Log in to your Wapka A/c again .
  • Enter to your Wapka wapsite which you created using Content Manager .
  • Click on the "Content Manager" .
  • Now enter to any of the category from the list such as Games , Images , Etc .
  • Click on the "Create new Category" .
  • Enter the Category name in to the Tex-tbox and click on the "Submit" Button .
  • Now click on the "Upload" Button .
  • Choose the file from your PC or Mobile and click on the "Upload" Button .

How to Edite The Content Manager Html :

It is very easy to edit the html file and css code of Wapka Content Manger , You can change the structure and design of the Content Manger by following the following method .
  • Log in to your Wapka A/c .
  • Enter to the Wapka wapsite which you created using Content Manger .
  • Click on the "Admin Mode
  • Click on the "Edit Site" & "Edit Items" .
  • Click on the "wml" Link of the area which you want to edit .

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