am not a robot new reCaptcha system by google

Introduction :

Google introduced a new reCaptcha system named "am not a robot" , Which allow the users to register on form so easier than the old reCaptcha system . On the new verification system the user only have to click on a check box to verify whether he was robot or human . The new verification system was so attractive in design according to the old verification system . For verifying weather the user was human or not the new verification reCaptcha observing many things such as user IP Etc .

Advantages of New reCaptcha System :

Google new reCaptcha system allow the user easily fill up the registration form or log in box and complete the action . Also the spam's robots can't under estimate how Google new reCaptcha working actually . All this made the new reCaptcha well secure than the old reCaptcha system .

How to Install The New reCaptcha In My Site :
It is very easy to install the new reCaptcha system in your website or registration for by simply adding a JavaScript and editing a Php page .
  • First of all you need to Log in to Google reCaptcha .
  • After log in , You need to add the site which you want to add the new verification system .
  • After adding your site address , You will get a "Site Key" & "Secret Key" .
  • Now you need to copy the following Java-code to the header of your html registration page inside the <head> and </head> .
<script src=''></script>
  • After copy paste the above code in between the <head> and </head> you need to add the following code before the "Submit" Button of the registration form html code .
  • Don't forget to change the "Your Site Key" to your reCaptcha "Site Key" .
<div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="Your Site Key"></div>
  • Once you completed the above steps , You need to configure the Php part for that you have to prefer the Google reCpatcha API Documentation

Example of reCaptcha Installation :

First of all you need to download the ready made example of new Google reCaptcha : Download Link Here
  • Upload the script in to your web-server and do the following changes on it . Add "Site Key" and "Secrete" from the "example-captcha.php" .
require_once "recaptchalib.php";
// Register API keys at
$siteKey = "Your Registred Site Key Here";
$secret = "Your Registred Secret Key Here";
// reCAPTCHA supported 40+ languages listed here:
$lang = "en";
// The response from reCAPTCHA
$resp = null;
// The error code from reCAPTCHA, if any
$error = null;
$reCaptcha = new ReCaptcha($secret);
// Was there a reCAPTCHA response?
if ($_POST["g-recaptcha-response"]) {
    $resp = $reCaptcha->verifyResponse(
  • Now run the "example-captcha.php" and feel the new reCaptcha option . 

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I hope you well enjoyed this article , If you have any suggestions or doubts please let us know by using the comment box given below . Thanks


  1. I coudn't understand last part of this post ;-(

    1. The php configuration part is different for every one ... If you tell me what's your problem really then i can solve it .. Any way thanks for the comment

    2. I added a extra example for you ... It will help you ... Am sure

    3. I still need your help I dont know how to do last step please see your thread in xtgem forum (new) , I replied there with that file.

    4. Just download the example of new Google recaptcha and run it ... Or tell me where you are going to install the new reCaptcha system ...

    5. here I have added captcha but don't seem to work for me :-b

    6. Just adding the reCaptcha code to your website form will not make any changes , You need to configure the reCaptcha with your form action php page .... Are you done with that ?

  2. I know I need to configure the reCaptcha with your form action php page but I don't know php thats why I need your help and for that I attached that file in xtgem forum (in your theme)

    1. Then please just send me the php page codes or the script which you are looking to configure .... to :)

    2. I sent you mail please check attachment

    3. Oky i will check the mail and contact you through the mail itself ....

  3. Hi what happened you didn't replied

    1. I am busy with my college work ... I will replay you with in 2 days after checking your script well ... :)


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