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Introduction :

It i very easy to earn money from wapsite , There is 100's  of Ad-networks available on the internet for getting ads to wapsites . But from all other Ad-networks UC-Union have a difference , All other Ad-networks have only one option to earn money 'Juts by Serving Ads' but in case of UC-Union they have more than one options to earn money from wapsite . Through this article you are going to learn about the different ways which will make your UC-Union earning double using different advertising option of UC-union .

UC-Union Affiliated Program :

Actually most of the UC-Union members where don't know about the affiliated program , Actually affiliated programming system was the best way to earn more money from your wapsite . By joining the affiliated program system . UC-Union will show you a list of Famous Company App and its Promotional Materials . You can select any of the App and its promotional material's from the list and publish through your wapsite . You will paid for each installation's comes through your promotional links . 

How to Use Affiliated System in My Wapsite :

It is very easy to promote the affiliated apps through your wapsite , Add the affiliated apps at top of the apps list . By this way the visitors who visiting your wapsite will click on the affiliated app just like  they click on your other apps and install it on their smartphones , They will not avoid its as a ads . if you can't understand me then click on the image example : Image Example

How to Get UC-Union Affiliated Apps For My Wapsite :

To get affiliated apps for your wapsite from UC-Union , You need to create an Account with UC-Union , If you already have a Account then just skip this step . 
  • Create a A/c with UC-Union : Click here to Register   .
  • Log in to UC-Union A/c after registering a A/c or using your existing A/c .
  • Click on the "Management" and click on the "Submit New site/app" .
affiliated registration process
  • On the "Cooperation" Click on the "Cash" Check box and on the "Type" Section click on the "Affiliated(Non-Dynamic ads)" .
  • On the "Source name" Enter your wapsite name and On the "Source Url" Enter your wapsite address .
  • On the "Category" Select your wapsite category and Click on the "Continue" Button for finishing the registration .
  • After click on the "Continue" Button it will take 24Hours to analyse your wapsite by UC-Union members and get approved . 
  • You can check your approval statues on the "Management" Section . Once your site got approved follow the following steps given below .
  • Click on the "Management" Tab and click on the "Campaign List" Button which near your site name .
  • There you can see the list of  "Promotional Apps" Select the app which you want to promote by click on the "Promote It" Button . It is better to select high paying Affiliated Apps for promote .
affiliated links and promotional materials
  • Click on the "Copy Link" Button for getting the Promotional Link address to be published on your wapsite .
  • Click on the "Download All" Button for getting the banners and pictures to use on your  wapsite with the Promotional Link .
You can promote the Affiliated Apps anyway legal way you like , Per each installation you will get paid from UC-Union . You can add "Ad-Code" + "Affiliated Apps" on your wapsite , By this way you can double your UC-Union earnings .

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I hope you well enjoyed this article , If you have any doubts related to this article , Please let us know by using the comment box given below . Thanks


  1. I’m working on Ali Express App & getting pay for that but coming to 9apps even installed and browsing for 2-5 mints still not getting pay for that is any reason for that??

    1. Is it showing the afflicted instillation count?

    2. Yes showing as 0 installs and 0 pay.. Even I installed 9apps

    3. Pre installed phones never count in the affiliation. Sometimes the phone may installed the application before.

    4. Hi I want to buy a uc union accounts and who want to sell uc union accounts please tell me the prices and reply to my email


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