Xtgem Static Counters

Introduction :

Wapmasters always put Static Counters of other medium's to show Static of their wapsite . It will increase the loading time of wapsite and it will cause the wapsite less rank on Search Engines . So it is  better too add self-hosted programmed Static Counter on wapsite , It will improve your page loading time and it will not cause your wapsite Search Engine Rank .

Does Xtgem Have Self-Hosted Static Counter :

Xtgem has their own Static Counter to static of their members wapsite , They developed Counter like Total Subscribers , Daily Visits , Total Visits , Total Comments , Community Members , Etc

Counters Description
Daily The Counter will show the Daily Visitors Count , It will decrement to Zero next Day .
Weekly The Counter will show 7 Days Visitors Count , It will decrement to Zero after a Week .
Monthly The Counter will show 30 Days Visitors Count , It will decrement to Zero after a Month .
Total The Counter will show the Total Visitors Count , It will not decrease for ever .
Guest-book  The Counter will show the static of your Xtgem wapsite Guest-book Comments .
Subscribers Counter The Subscribers Counter will show the Static of your Xtgem wapsite Subscribers .
Community Members The Community Members Counter will show the total members of your Xtgem wapsite Forum .
Online The Online Counter will show the Static of Total number of visitors currently visiting your wapsite.

How to Static Counter to My Xtgem Wapsite : 

It is very easy to add Xtgem  Static Counter to your Xtgem wapsite , To add Xtgem Static Counter just follow-up the basic rules that given below in your Xtgem wapsite Control Panel .
  • Login to Your Xtgem A/c .
  • Enter to the Xtgem wapsite which you want to add Xtgem Counter .
  • Enter to The File-Browser .
  • Edit the page using "Building Tool" .
  • Click on The Page which you want to add Xtgem Counter .
  • Click on the"+" Button to add new Element .
  • On the "Utilities" click on the "Statistics" Tab .
  • Click on the "Counter Tabs" which you want to add .
  • Click on the "Add" Button .
  • You are Done .
Use the counter table that displayed above this article to know the usage of each Static Counters of Xtgem . Each Static Counters have different functions . Select best one as per your page .

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