Earn Money From My Wapblog

Introduction :

We discussed lot about earning money from the internet , Almost every topic is related to earn money from blogger blog . But today we are discussing about earning money from Mywapblog network . Mywapblog is one of the greatest mobile blog network without having any competitors , Wapsite builders like Wapka and Xtgem also have blogging tool's but wapmasters who are aiming to create blog will choose Mywapblog . 

How to Earn Money From MyWapBlog : 

It is very easy to earn money from the internet especially from MyWapBlog , Because blog is the only one thing which get huge amount of traffic from Search Engine than the Downloading Wapsite . To earn money from your mywapblog , Just follow the steps that given below .
  • Log-in to Your Dashboard on MyWapBlog .
  • Click on the "Ads" Link under the "Appearance" Tab .
  • There you can see some of the "Ad-Network's" Click the first one "UCWEB Union" .
  • Sign-Up with "UC-Union" For Adding Your Site .
  • Log-in to "Uc-Union" Then Add Your MyWapBlog .
  • Add your wapsite to "UC-Union" Like the "Screenshot" Given below .
Adding Wapsite to Uc-Union
  • It will take 24 hours to get the Approve statues of your blog on UC-Union .
  • After getting Approve from UC-Union , Click on the "Management" .
  • Copy the "ID" Which located near at your MyWapBlog "Title" .
Getting ID From UC-Union
  • Now come to the "Ads" Page on "MyWapBlog" Dashboard again .
  • Select "Ad-Network" As "UC-Web Ad-Code" .
  • Paste the "ID" Which you copied from "UC-Union" To the "Text-box" Which located under the "Publisher ID" Label .
  • Click on the "Save" Button .
  • You are Done .
You can also choose "Adsense" and the other Ad-Networks which located under the "Ad-Networks" Label , They also having the same steps like "UC-Union" Do . It is better you to select "UC-Union" or "Adsense" For earning money . Because their service is using millions of wapmaster's to earn money from their wapsite .

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I hope you well enjoyed this article , If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article , Please let us know by using the comment box given below . Thanks 


  1. Replies
    1. You know Uc-Union is best ... If you looking for CPM money then CPC money

  2. hi sir I added uc union but when they will pay me
    my ad requests are more than 2000 but my earning is still 00
    sir help me to understand

    1. Did you contacted the account manager of your Uc-Union. They will help you in such kind of problems. Sometimes it may be a mistake from their part. They will pay you only after your reach minimum 10$.

  3. I got a approved ID from uc-union. And i copied that code and pasted in publisher id.. Its showing invalid publisher Id

    1. Did you contacted your A/c manger? You will get your account manger details from the dashboard it self. or just show me the code.

  4. Can I use UC Union and adsense simultaneously?

    1. Ya sure.. No problem with that. Don't scatter the UC-Ads every where. It will make your site impression bad in Adsense and they will ban you. Also don't use more than 3 Adsense ads on your site. It also will cause your Adsense ads.

  5. Is buzz city ads better than ucunion

    1. In the olden days more people were used Buzzcity ads to monetize and earn money from their wapsite .. In case of UC-Union, Publishers getting more than just monetizing money.Extra money for extra impression. Affiliation service and more and more. In case of Buzzcity they will only pay for impression and click. If you have more impression, then you will get the money they cost for that much impression. In case of UC-Union they will pay extra for extra impression you made out from your mobile site.

  6. Meri id abi tak approved nhi hui hai help us


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