Search Engine Optimization Basic Steps

Introduction :

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing website for getting higher rank position in Search Engines like Google , Yahoo , Bing , Etc . Major sites like Google and Bing are following some algorithms to obtain the best result from the Trillion website's on World Wide Web . The algorithm where updated at anytime because of the spam activity . On this article you will learn about Search Engine Optimization Basic Tutorial  .

What is Search Engine Optimization :

Like what i explained on the Introduction , Search Engine Optimization is the process of Optimizing Website for Search Engine to get better rank position . It also help with the following things which given below .

How Search Engines Working :

Search Engines will visit each website on World Wide Web (Crawling) and visit the links which inside the website then save them to a Big Database (Indexing) where which can easily retrieve the data . Search Engine will use the Indexed data from the Database to retrieve the best result for the Search Engine Query's .

How Search Engines Getting Best Result for Search Query :

When a user makes a Search on Search Engines . The Search Engine will use the Indexed Database for getting the result of the Search Query . Search Engine's will use the latest Ranking Algorithm with the Search Query for getting the best result .

What is Algorithm in Search Engine Optimization :

Search Engine Algorithm was a Mathematics Calculation which use for filtering the Indexed Database for getting the best result for the "Search  Query's" .

What is Mean by Search Engine Rank :

When a user make Search on Search Engine with any Query . The Search Engine will display thousands of result . The search result is depend-up on the Rank Basis . Website with higher Search Engine Rank will display's on the first page . Website with low rank will not display on the first page .

What is Mean by Off Page SEO & On Page SEO :

On Page SEO  is the process of using best Keywords , Setting-up Meta , Naming Pages , Etc  . Off Page SEO  is the process of building Links from other website to increase the Popularity .

What is Black Hat & White Hat SEO :

White Hat SEO is the Search Engine Optimization Technic's which recommended by the Search Engines to boost Rank of a website but Black Hat SEO is the process of boosting website SEO Rank by doing bad and illegal activity which Search Engines de-motivated .

Suggested Article for Search Engine Optimization :

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