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There is a lot of Auto-index scripts are available to download on the internet. Every script has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of them may support Sitemap and Robot.Txt option, some of them may have good user-friendly designs, Etc. Today I am going to introduce a new script called "Next Auto-Index Script".   The main specialty of this script was, This script was newborn of Master-Land Auto-Index Script. That means, every function which available on Master-Land is available on Next Auto-index  Script.

Functions Which Available in Next Auto Index Script:

  1. RSS Feed Options Available.
  2. XSS Search Input Options Problem Where Fixed.
  3. New Options Where Added to Edit Robot.TXT from Admin Panel.
  4. Mysql Error Where Solved in File Names.
  5. New Design Where Added.
  6. Mass File Rename.
  7. Upload Thumbnail For Every File.

How to Install Next Auto-index Script:

It is very easy to install Next Auto-Index Script on your web-hosting server. Follow the basic instruction to install every Auto-Index script given below. To install this script, You don't want to know anything about PHP or Database.
  • First of all, you need to download the Auto-Index script.
  • Upload them to the Root Folder or where you want to install Auto-Index.
  • Now run the Folder Location where you uploaded the Script.
  • Example: or
  • If you are on a page as image do give below. Then follow the image given below.
Auto-index Installation Instruction 
  • If you running both the Mysql Database and PHP script on the same server then the Database Host must be "localhost" Otherwise you want to enter the URL address of the server which you hosted the Database server. 
  • Avoid the Table_Prefix Textbox by entering nothing. 
  • Don't forget to enter "Administrator Password" Without having an Administrator Password, You can't protect your Mobile Site.  
  • Don't forget to delete the "install.php" File. The presence of "install.php" in the server will affect security problems.

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  1. Import File function not working, please fix the issue.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sinaj Sinu , The script was the re-bone of Master-Land , Also i need to check it where was the problem really is ... So wait .. Please replay with your email address . Once it has been solved . I will contact you by the mail .

    3. I checked the script import option ... But i did't get any error there ... Can you please share what kind of error you get while importing file .

  2. Replies
    1. just enter your root site address.. like if your site address is enter it there. I hope you got it.

  3. help me please " how to import files more than 1 gb i can't able to do so please help" :(

    1. Inodrer to do that you need to extend the time limit of php execution.

  4. Hello how to change the css of the site

    1. You can do that by editing the Template Editor. You can also do that be editing the header page. You can use style sheet embedding code for that.

  5. And how to add an online mp3 player in downloading page

    1. In the Sourceforge you can see the Download Button.

  6. sir ye script download nahi ho raha hai

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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