Introduction :

We know that most of the people were using Android Os phones , So they all using Android Browsers applications to browse internet . Creating an android application without knowing any programing language is not easy . But some of the internet service web sites where giving us the opportunity to create  our own Android Apps . Today through this article we are going to learn about a Online Service Site which giving us the opportunity to create our own Android Browser .

Introduction To Maxthon :

Maxthon is the online service web site to create Android Browser . Actually Maxthon is a Browser company like Google Chrome , UC-Browser , Opera , Etc . But this is the only one Browser company which allow us to create our own Android Browser .

How To Create a Android Application Using Maxthon :

  1. Log in to the following address :
  2. Click on the "Make It Now" Button .
  3. On the first Textbox you need to put your Browser Name .
  4. On the second choose box you need to set your browser icon .
  5. On the third box you need to set a home page address for your browser .
  6. On the forth box you need to upload a splash image for your browser .
  7. On the last box you have to set your email address to receive the downloading link address of your Android Browser .

What are the Benefits by creating an Android Browser :

The main benefits by creating an Android Browser are the following :
  • We can earn more traffic to our website .
  • We can earn much reputation .
  • We can create a branded browser for our website .

How To Get Traffic To Our Web Site :

Publish your Android Browser to Google Play by setting your Browser home page to your website address . By doing that you will get more traffic to your web site .

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