Introduction :

We know that there is about 20000 Email A/c where hacking per a day , Actually we don't know how the hacker's getting our password to get in to our Email A/c . Some times they using any kind of keyloggers or spy to get our password , The main issue of password hacking because we don't using any kind of Antivirus in our Pc . If we use any premium Antivirus in our system it will prevent almost every spy virus they attack's our system .

What Is Gmail 2-Step Verification System :

Gmail 2-Step verification method is the new security system introduced by the Google Company , By using 2-Step Verification system we can prevent the hackers hacked from  our Gmail A/c . By activating the 2-Step Verification on your Gmail A/c , When you get into your Gmail A/c or any other A/c by the Google ask you two verify your login by verifying a SMS . Through this you can prevent your Gmail A/c from the hacker's who know your password , The hacker's can't use your Gmail password unless they have your cell phone or sim to verify the SMS .

How To Activate 2-Step Verification Method In My Gmail A/c :

To Activate 2-Step Verification on your Gmail A/c follow the steps : 
  1. Enter to : http://www.Google.Com .
  2. You can see your Avatar on the top right side of the Google Search Engine .
  3. Click on the "Avatar" Then click on the "Account" .
  4. On the new page click on the "Security" .
  5. On the "Password" Section you can see the "2-Step Verification".
  6. Enable the "2-Step Verification" .
  7. Click on the "Setting" and set your "Primary Phone number" and "Backup Phone number" to receive SMS .
  8.  Generate "Backup Codes" for verify your Gmail A/c when you are at other country's or Travel .
Click on your Avatar on the right top of the Google Page

Why i need to add a Backup phone number :

It is because , If you lost your Primary mobile phone or cause any Damage to your sim , You can use your Backup phone number to login to your Gmail A/c . If you lost both your Primary phone and Backup phone you can use the Backup code to recover your Gmail A/c .

How To Set My Pc as a Trusted One In 2-Step Verification Method :

Gmail will not ask you to verify the SMS every time , If you or any other person try to login to your Gmail A/c from a Unknow Pc . You can set your regular using Pc as a trusted one in 2-Step Verification Method . 

Follow the method to make your PC as a Trusted one in 2-Step Verification : 

  1. Log in to your Gmail A/c using Google Chrome .
  2. Verify the verification SMS sended by Google .
  3. On the verification success page you can see a checkbox to make your PC as trusted one .

To remove your PC from 2-Step Verification Trust you need to do the following steps :

Get in to your 2-Step Verification Settings then click on the "Registred Computers" Click on the "Required Code" Finally click on the "Remove This Computer From My Trusted List" .
Remove Your Computer From Trusted List In 2-Step Verification Method

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