Introduction :

On the previous post i explained about "How to add your Blogspot blog to Google Search Engine" On this article you will learn about the facilities available in Bing Webmaster Tools and "How to add your Blogspot Blog to Bing Search Engine using Bing Webmaster Tools" . Bing was a Search Engine like Google powered by Microsoft , There is about millions of people searching on the Bing Search Engine for getting better result . 

Facilities Available In Bing Webmaster Tools :

Like Google Webmaster Tools Bing also have the same facilities , 
  • You can know the Keyword used by the visitors to enter your site through Bing Search Engine .
  • You can know the Popular page of your blog .
  • You can submit Sitemap for high speed indexing .
  • You can know the Position of your content at Search Engine .
  • You can know the Estimate Click's from Search Engine .
  • You can know about Page Errors and 404 Errors .
There is lot of other function available at Bing Webmaster Tool to improve your SEO traffic .

How To Add Your Blogspot Blog To Bing Webmaster Tools :

  1. You need a A/c at Bing Search Engine , If you have no A/c at Bing Search Engine create one from here : Click here
  2. After creating A/c with Bing Search Engine , Go to the following link address :
  3. Logn using the Bing Search Engine Password & Username .
  4. On the "Mysite" Tab , You can see a "Textbox" To enter your blog address , Enter your blogspot blog address there and click on the "Add" Button .
Add Blogspot Blog To Bing Search Engine
  1. On the "Add a Sitemap" Textbox you need to enter you Blogspot blog sitemap , Examble : . Replace the blog with your blog name .
  2. Click on the "Add" Button .
Verify Site On Bing Webmaster Tools
Adding meta tag on the header of your blogspot blog , It is the last step to verify your blogspot blog on Bing Search Engine .

To add meta tag on your Blogspot blog . Follow the step :
  • Login to your Blogspot Blog .
  • Click on the "Template" .
  • Click on the "Edit Html" Button to edit your blogspot blog template .
  • Add the meta tag like the image shown below this text .

Adding Bing Meta Tag On Blogspot Template

After adding meta tag on your Blogspot blog , Now comes to Bing Webmaster Tools and click on the "Verify" Button .

You are done .

I hope you will understand this topic , If you have any doupts about this topic contact us using the comment box .