Introduction :

When we searching at Google Search or any other Search Engine we mostly look at the Search Engine description for make sure that topic was the right choice for us . So we must set our blog description well understand for our viewers , If your blog Search Engine description was bad then you will lost the almost 80% of your Search Engine visitor's . In Blogger there is a special option for setup Search Engine description . Through this article you will learn about "How to enable search engine preference and make your blog more SEO friendly .

How To Enable Search Engine Preference In Blogspot Blog :

  1. Login to your Blogger A/c .
  2. Enter to the Blog which you want to enable the Search Engine Preference function .
  3. Click on the "Settings" Tab .
  4. Click on the "Search Engine Preference" .
  5. On the "Meta tags" Tab you can see the "Description" Enable that function .
Enable the blogger search engine preference
By enabling the Search Engine Description function , You can see new Textarea below there , Type some thing about your blog inside it . The result will be like the image below :
Google Search Result
You can also set Search Engine Description for each and every post that you created through Blogspot blog by the following method .

How To Add Search Engine Description For a Blog Post :

After enabling the Search Preference by using the first step that i explained in this article follow the method .
On the left sidebar of the posting area you can see a new option enabled "Search Description" .
Search Description Area

Enter the text which you want to show on the Search Engine for the article in 150 words and click on the "Done" Button . You are done .

By enabling this option you can attract more visitors to your blog , If you not enable this option then the Search Engine automatically show the text from your article , Some times the description showed by the Search Engine was not attractive and you will lose your SEO traffic .

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I hope you will understand this topic , If you have any kind of doubts related to this article don't forget to comment us .