Introduction :

In the previous chapter we discussed about "How to create a free blog on Blogspot" and now we are at the second chapter "How to make seo friendly post in Blogspot blog . We all know people or you always trying to get better results , Some thing like which is more understandable , Contain Image representation , Contain Headlines , Subheadings etc . For that Google customized their search engine algorithm with several factors . Through this article you will learn about the factors which need to use in your Blogspot blog for better Search Engine Optimization .

Infographic To Make SEO Friendly Post :

inforgaphics of seo friendly post

Page Title Must Be Attractive :

When you make new Blogspot blog post try to select a better and attractive title for it . 
Example : how to make a blog - Not attractive .
Example : How To Make a Blog - Attractive .
When users searching on the internet , They click the best and attractive title , They don't click on the title which is looking boore . 

Using of H1 H2 H3 Tags :

Try to use H1 H2 H3 Tags on your blogpost , It will also make your blog post more SEO friendly also your visitors loves your blog , Because a post contain H1 H2 H3 tags will be more attractive than without adding H1 H2 H3 tags .

Quality Backlinks :

Google mainly focusing on backlinks of a site , If your site have lot of backlinks from different sites it will make your site more SEO friendly .
Warning : Google hates backlinks from site's like Torrents sites and the sites which providing illegal copyrighted materials.

Internal Linking :

Internal linking is the other factor which make your site extra SEO friendly , When you making a new post try to connect at least one link to your other post's , It will make you two benefits get lot of traffic to the page you linked with , Also it will make your site SEO friendly .

Alt Tags & Description : 

When you inserting images to your blog post try to add the Title Tag and Image description for the image , Google Image search is depending the Alt tag and Image description for showing the results .

You can learn more from the infographic that i added header of this post .

Setting Up Labels in Blogspot :

Blogspot allowing their users to set label for their post , With the label option we can do many interactive function on Blogspot , One of the main interactive function that we can do with Label was we can make our site more SEO friendly , 
Example : Look the image that i added below this text .

the importance of labels in google search

The label you set for your blog post will just show like that i maked with blue color ink .  With this label user who are searching in on the internet can easily identify the content of that page .

How To Set Labels In Blogspot :

You can set Label for your Blogspot blog by the following method that i showed in the image .

setting up label for a blogspot blog post

Click on the "Labels" and add write the labels inside the text box using "," to separate each labels .

i hope you learned the basic factors to make a SEO friendly post on Blogspot blog . If you have any questions related to this post you can contact us by using the comment box .

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