Earn Money From Your Mobile Browser

Introduction :

Earning money from the mobile site is easier than making money from a website because getting approval from mobile Ad-network was so easier than getting approval from web Ad-network. If your mobile site has high amount of traffic, then you can earn a lot of money just for CPM rate. Uc-Browser is one of the great mobile browser in Indian and Indonesian they made a great partnership with almost 80% of mobile sites in the world by sharing traffic. The Uc-Browser Union is now allowing mobile site owners to earn money from their mobile site just for CPM rate. Through this article, we will learn about "How to monetize and make money from your mobile site using the Uc-Browser Union" .

What is CPM Rate?

The full form of CPM is ( Cost Per Thousand Impression ) Uc-Browser will set a minimum prize for their Ads. If your mobile site shows thousand time Uc-Browser Union ads, then you will get the CPM award.

What Is UC-Browser Union:

UC-Browser is a mobile browser using for browse internet. The Company Uc-Browser launched their first browser for only mobile devices not for any Pc devices. Uc-Browser now famous all around the world mainly in India and China. A China Company initiated Uc-Browser. The attractive primary function of Uc-Browser was, It giving us fast internet browsing experience and high speed downloading.

How To Monetize & Earn Money From My Mobile Site Using Uc-Browser Union:

It is very easy to monetize and earn money from your mobile site using the Uc-Browser Union . To get approved from the Uc-Browser Union, you need some minimum requirements for your mobile site. Your mobile site must have 100 unique visitors, Without having 100+ visitors you can't earn enough money from Uc-Union. Your mobile site must be illegal free, Uc-Union will disapprove site with illegal content. You site must have 60% of mobile traffic than desktop traffic.  

Follow The Steps to Register Your Site With Uc-Browser Union:

  • First of all you need to register with the Uc-Browser Union for earning money: Register Now
  • After creating A/c with Uc-Browser Union log-in to your Uc-Union A/c then click on the "Management" Button.
  • Now click on the "Submit News site/app" for adding your site to Uc-Union.
  • Now click on the checkbox which pointing to "Cash" Then click on the checkbox that point to "Site (implementing dynamic ads on the site)".
  • Now fill the form with your "Site" details .
  • Click on the check-box that point to "Ad code" on the "Integration method" Section.
  • Click on the check-box that pointed to "Banner" on the "Ad format" Section.
  • Click on the "Continue" Button.
form filling example
  • Now again click on the "Management" Button from the "Navigation" Menu of Uc-Browser Union.
  • There you can see the "Statues" Of your "Site" Weather you are "Rejected" or "Approved". If you are approved, you can see the "Ad code/SDK" Button. 
  • Click on the "Ad code/SDK" Button and click on the check-box that pointed to "JS+Html Code" Then paste the "Code" To your site for earning money.
Ad code Selection Help
You are done . Now you will get start paid from Uc-Browser when each and every user's come to your site. Remember don't add more than five ads on a page. That will cause your site get banned from Uc-browser union without any warning.

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