Introduction :

We know that almost every people in the world wide web where joined on Facebook . Only few people were not un joined on Facebook , They just getting a way from Facebook because of any reason . We people always trying to share our Photo's and updates through Facebook for getting like and comments for our Facebook Post's . But we can't share our Facebook photos and updates for the un joined friends in Facebook . Through this article you will learn about "How to send your Facebook updates to your friends via Email Newsletter" .

Do You Know About Kidpost :

Kidpost is a small social media site for sharing our Social Media updates through Email Newsletter , By using Kidpost we can send our Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus , Etc updates via Email Newsletter . 

To work with Kidpost you need to register a A/c with them , When you trying to register with Kidpost the Kidpost Registration for ask you to connect your Facebook and all other Social Media's . Also ask you to add the list of email address to receive the News Letter's .

To register with Kidpost get in to the following address :

Kidpost not share each and every post from your Facebook and other Social Media's , You need to you need to tag Kidpost on your Facebook post to share them via Kidpost Email Newsletter .

Use #kidpost to tag Kidpost on your Facebook Post .

You can use Kidpost as a privet option to send regular updates through Facebook and other Social Media's .

You can add or delete email list any time by login to your Kidpost A/c .

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