Introduction :

In the olden day's authors who are are writing in the Blogspot where think that it is very hard to develop a Template for Blogspot , Because Blogspot template was developed in a xml file , Without knowing a xml programing language we can't develop a Template for Blogspot Blogs . But some of the developers were started to learn the xml programing language and started to develop their own Blogspot template and share them on internet , Now Blogspot have their own Free and Premium templates available in different Internet Template Markets . 

How To Upload a Template To Blogspot Blog :

  1. Log in to your Blogspot A/c 
  2. Enter to the Blog that you need to Upload Template .
  3. Click on the Template Tab .
  4. Click on the "Backup/Restore" .
Upload Template To Blogspot Blog
  1. First Click on the "Download Full Template" For backup the Template .
  2. Now Click on the "Choose" Button .
  3. Select the "Xml" Template file .
  4. Click on the "Upload" Button .
  5. Wait for successful Upload .
  6. You are Done .

From Where I Get Best Template For My Blogspot Blog :

ThemeForest :

ThemeForest is a Template Market Place where you can download amazing and awesome template , ThemeForest only sell template which have high quality and responsive design . 

Premium Blogger Template :

Premium Blogger Template is an another site which providing Free and Premium blogger template , There is about 10000 Blogger Templates available in Premium Blogger Template .

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