How to use Google Webmaster Tools to Increase Your Website Or Blog Traffic

Introduction :

Google Webmaster Tool is the online tool which most of the Webmasters where consisting to improve their SEO Traffic . We know different type of online tools to improve our SEO but Google Webmaster Tool is different from all that . We know the reason , The main reason was it is powered by Google and Google Search Engine know's how we getting traffic from Search Engines and what are the changes that we want to change on our Blog or website to increase our SEO Traffic . Today through this article we are going to learn about Google Webmaster Tools and how to improve our SEO Traffic by using Google Webmaster Tools .

What Is Google Webmaster Tools :

Google Webmaster Tools is an online Webmaster Tool powered by Google Search Engine . Through Google Webmaster tools we can know the following things :
  1. How we getting "Traffic" to our website .
  2. Which keyword is used by the visitor to visit our website .
  3. Most keyword used by the users to visit our website .
  4. Websites which linked to our website .
  5. Estimate monthly clicks .
  6. Estimate monthly impression . 
Also we can know many of the other important details of our website . By using the Google Webmaster Tools we can improve our SEO Traffic . The following Youtube video will help you to understand what is Google Webmaster Tool and its function .

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap :

Google Webmaster Tools have a option to upload our website sitemap . Before we adding sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools we need to learn about "What Is Sitemap ?" .

What is a Sitemap ?

Sitemap is a xml file which contain all information about our website . Example all site url's with title and a little bit description about it . The sitemap allow the Search Engine to know the latest page update from our site . By using the Sitemap Search Engine update your site result's . If you did't add a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool it will take a long time to show your site search result on Google Search Engine .

How To Add My Website Sitemap On Google Webmaster Tools :

To add Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools you need to do the following steps after getting in to Google Webmaster Tools .
  1. Enter to the site which you want to add your website sitemap .
  2. Click on the "Sitemap" .
  3. Click on the Red Button which named "Add/Test Sitemap" .
  4. Complete the Sitemap address by adding the balance url address in the textbox with the destination of your Sitemap address .
  5. You are done .
If your site does't have a Sitemap file then it is better to generate one from an other internet source click on the link address that i given below in this text and generate one your self .
If you have any kind of trouble in generating sitemap and uploading it to your server please commend we will resolve the problem .

 How To Work With Google Webmaster Tools Search Query's :

Google Webmaster Tools Search Query is an important function to improve our SEO Traffic experience  . With Search Query tool we can which is the keyword used our visitor to visit our website and which type of content in our website did the visitor like more .

How To Work With Google Webmaster Tools Search Query's :

To work with Google Webmaster Tools you need to enter to the following area :
  • Enter to the website which you want to research Keyword Query .
  • Click on the "Search Query's" .
There you can see your keyword's which used the visitor to visit your site . If there is no any data you need to wait for three or four day's after add your site Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools .

If there is Keyword data's then continue read this article you to improve your website SEO Traffic .

First of all you need to find which keyword have lot of click's and impression . For that you need to do the following changes on Google Search Query's . Click on the "With Change" button near at the "Basic" Button .

Google Search Queries

Find the best Keyword's which got high amount of Click's and Impression . Create articles and content that related to the Keyword it will make you get more traffic to your website .

Research about the keyword's which has low amount of traffic , Some time's the low traffic because of the following reasons :
  • You need to use H1/H2/H3/H4 Tag's on your site .
  • You need to set Alt description .
  • Title must be attractive . 
  • You need to add Meta Tag Description .
  • You need to add keyword on Url Permalink .
  • You need to set the keyword on Labels .
Try to avoid the faults you done on your website or blog , It will not make fast changes on your site SEO Traffic . Because its only happen after the second crawling of your updated page by Google Search Engine .

I hope you well enjoyed this article . If you have any doubts or suggestions about this article don't for get , Let us know by using the comment box . Thanks