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Introduction :

Building up links is the only one way to make our Search Engine rank better , To make quality backlinks we need to know which kind of web site's allow us to make link connection between our sites , For that we prefer some of our friends web site and our competitor sites . We can use some best free online backlink checkers to find which kind of web site where chosen your competitor to backlink to their site .

Does Backlink Builder Help Us To Make Better Quality Backlinks ?

It is better you to avoid Backlink Builder website to make backlink to your site , If you make backlink with site like that you will be automatically penalized by Google Search Engine . 

Some Best Backlinks Checker Online SEO Tools :

  1. Website Back Links : Allow you to research about backlinks and show results in seconds , Also you can see the follow and unfollow links . 
  2. Small Seo Tool Backlink Checker : This web site is also allow you to research about backlinks of your competitor web sites .
  3. Backlinkwatch : Backlinkwatch is the another web site which allow you to make research about your competitor backlinks .
  4. Rank Signal : Rank Signal allow you to research about backlinks to a site , You can't see follow and unfollow backlinks with this tool but you can see the PR of each and every linked website .
  5. Open Site Explorer : It is the another site created by Moz to check backlinks and many other SEO services such as Domain authority , Page Authority , Backlinks , Anchor Text , Etc .
You can also find lot of other backlink checkers on the internet , But this are the topest backlink search engine to find real backlinks of your competitor .

I prefer you the "Website Backlinks" and "Open Site Explorer" most for checking backlinks of your competitor because they are getting us many service as once .

Warning :  Creating backlinks from the site which penalised by Google Search Engine will cause your Search Engine rank , So better you to select good sites for making backlinks to your site .

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