Wapmaster seo trick

Introduction :

We all know that making traffic by advertising and by suggesting to our friends to visit our site will make our wapsite easy successful but there is some problem going over this steps . For advertising we need lot of money to be invest and for suggesting we need lot of friends . Is there is any other way to make ore traffic to our wapsite ? ...!!! Ya there is a way to make lot of good and unique visitors to your wapsite . Here on this topic you will learn about "How to make traffic to your wapsite using best SEO tricks" .

Submit Your Site On Various Search Engine's :

Every SEO starting with this step , Without adding our site on Search Engine we did't get any traffic from Search Engines . So first of all you need to submit you wapsite on Search Engines like Google , Yahoo, Bing Etc .

To add you wapsite on Search Engine you need to create your wapsite Sitemap . If you don't know how to create a sitemap using sitemap protocol then just go to the following link address :

Here i will suggest a article that made for blogger users but you can follow the same step to add your site on Search Engines .

Make Your Title Tag Attract To The Search Engine Visitors :

By making your wapsite pages title tag attract to the Search Engine visitors you will get lot of visitor if you take this never mind it will also cause your Search Engine Traffic .

How to make your title attractive :

title tag

Make Links From Different Sites :

Making links from different site allow you to make traffic in two ways , From the wapsite you linked and from Search Engines . If you have lot of links from different sites then Search Engine will think that your site is so famous and it will make your Result high on Search Engines .

It is better you to add your site on wapsite toplist , It will make you get lot of traffic directly also you will get lot of traffic from Search Engine itself .

Alt Tag on Images :

Add alt tag on images that you placed in your site . When Search Engine optimize your site the Search Engine will check some SEO factors in your wapsite if its not in your site the Search Engine will avoid your site from the rank list .

H1 H2 H3 Tags :

Search Engines like H1 H2 H3 Tags mostly because Search Engine generally think that if those tags are available in any site , That site was good for reading .

Url Structure :

By making your wapsite URL structure in a good SEO manner you can make lot of traffic to your wapsite .

Example :

url stracture

By following this step's you can make your SEO Ranking and SEO Traffic , If you have any doubts in this article you can ask for our help using the comment box .

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