Create a Free Downloading Portal Wapsite on Xtgem Site Builder

Introduction :

Creating a download wapsite and earning money is easier than making a website and earning money from it . Because creation of wapsite was  easier than website also  need about less amount of updation . For creating a download portal site need large amount of storage and bandwidth , So buying a web server for creating site was perfect . But for the beginner it was so hard so they need to create their wapsite in some free hosted services like Xtgem .  Here on this topic you will learn about "How to create a download portal wapsite at Xtgem Site Builder .

Xtgem File List Option :

Xtgem File-list option allow you to list files from a specified folder of your Xtgem Site . By using this Xtfunction you can create awesome wapsite with automatic updation mode , If you upload any file to the folder that you configured in the Xt File-list option then it will automatically show on the page you added the Xt File-list code .

To create a wapsite with Xtgem Site Builder you need to signup first . If you have already a A/c with Xtgem then continue to the next step or register a A/c by clicking the link address given below .

After registering with Xtgem you need to do the following steps on your Xtgem Site Builder Panel .

How to Create a Simple Game Downloading Portal :

  1. Login to your Xtgem Site Builder A/c .
  2. Enter to the site which you want to create the "Downloading Portal" .
  3. Create a new page by clicking the "New File" Button .
  4. Click on the page that you created .
  5. Now create a folder with name "Games" by clicking the "Create Folder" Button .
  6. Enter to the folder "Game" .
  7. Upload some mobile java games to the folder "Games" by click on the "Upload File" Button .
  8. Now exit from the "Game" Folder and click on the page you created .
  9. Click on the "Plus" Button .
  10. On the "Advance" Section click on the "File  List" Button .
  11. On the "Folder" Section you can see a green button , Click on the Button and show the "Game" Folder destination .
  12. Click on the "Add" Button .
Now you are created a page for game downloading . By using the same way you can create Music Page,Wallpaper Page,Etc easy .

Xtfunction To Create Filelist :

By using the following code also you can create filelist downloading page . If you are a programer you can simply add the following code to your Xtgem site by using the code editor option .
<xt:filelist sort_type="updated" sort_dir="asc" folder="Folder Destination Here" template="" per_page="" />

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