Create Your Own Facebook Friends Button For Your Website

Introduction :

Facebook is the No.1 Social Media and about billions of people were registered with them , So using Facebook Webmasters can easily obtain traffic to their sites . There is lot of ways to generate traffic from Facebook , By creating Like pages , By creating advertisement , By chatting with friends etc . But here on this topic you will learn about "Facebook Friends Invite Button For My Website Using API" .

By using the Facebook Friends Invite button your visitors can invite their Facebook friends to your website or blog easily .

Live Demo Of Facebook Friends Invite Button :

Facebook Application Development :

To create a Facebook Friends Invite Button you need to create a API Application in your Facebook A/c for that you need to click the following address and create one Facebook API by following the rules given below on this text .

Create a Facebook API Application : Click Here
  1. Click on the "Create Button" .
  2. On the "Display Name" Write your App name or your Website name .
  3. On the "Name Space" write anything specific for your App for identification , Or avoid it .
  4. Select "Category" To" Communication" .
  5. Click on the "Create App" Button .
Update :
After creating an App you need to configure your Facebook App settings like the following image display below .

Facebook Application Development
  • Update:- Click on the "Add Platform" Button for adding slab "Website" and "Facebook Canvas" .

Some Important Factors In Creating Of Facebook Application :

App_ID = App_ID will be automatically generated .
Display Name = Use any Display name for your application .
App Domain = Use your site address .
Contact Email Address = Use your Facebook contact email address .
Canvas Url = Your site address with example : url address must end with "/" .
Secure Canvas Url = Your site address example : url address must end with "/" .

After creating the Facebook API Application you need to step up to the next stage .

Copy down the following script into your webpage and change the " APP_ID" With your Application ID .
<script src=""></script>

function FacebookInviteFriends()
method: 'apprequests',
message: 'Your Message diaolog'

Add This Code Where Ever You Want To Show The Invite Button
<div id="fb-root"></div>
<a href='#' onclick="FacebookInviteFriends();"> 
<img src="">
You are done ..

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