Create a Wapforum on Xtgem Wapsite Builder

Introduction :

It is very hard to create a forum on the wapsite builder Wapka, but in Xtgem it is very easy to create a forum. Because Xtgem has the facility to create waspsite using graphical element tools. By using the graphical tool any one can easily create a wapsite forum on Xtgem. In Wapka, visitors can't upload files to the forum but in Xtgem the forum allowing visitors to upload files on specified thred. Through this article, you are going to learn about the facilities of Xtgem forum and the installation method.

Advantage of Xtgem Forum:

There are a lot of wonderful advantages for the Xtgem forum according to the forum of Wapka. The following things are the main advantage of Xtgem forum.
  1. Uploading Files: Your wapsite forum members can upload files to each thread that they created. 
  2. Design: You can customize your wapsite in any way you like.
  3. Registration: Anyone with Xgem A/c can make thread on your forum, Or replay.

How to Install Xtgem Forum:

  • Log in to your Xtgem Cpanel.
  • Enter to the site that you want to create wap forum.
  • Go to File Manager and Click on the page that you wish to add wap forum.
  • Now follow the image rules.
Xtgem Forum Development Step 1
  • After clicking the page you want to add the forum, click on the "Social" tab.
Creating Forum on Xtgem Wapsite Builder
  • After clicking the tab "Social" click on the next tab "Discussion Forum" Then on the next window click on the "Add" Button . You are done .

How to Add Category to Xtgem Forum:

You can simply add "Categories" to Xtgem Forum by clicking on the "Edit Forum Structure" after clicking on the "Edit Forum Structure" click on the "Add Category" then name the category. After click on the "Add" Button.

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