Delete Your Wapka Wapsite For Ever


It is very hard to delete your Wapka wap site from Wapka wapsite because there is no option in Wapka panel to delete Wapka wapsite. So we must need to find an alternate way to remove our Wapka wapsite from Wapka database. Here through this article you are going to learn two alternative way of deleting wapka wapsite from the wapka database.

Common Reasons For Deleting Wapka Wapsite:

Most of the wapmasters were compelled to remove their Wapka wapsite because of the ugly design and low traffic, They always try to improve their site for good user-friendly web design, Sometime wapmasters where out of control with their wapsite. 

The First Way of Deleting Your Wapka Wapsite:

It is very easy to delete your Wapka wapsite using the first way, On this method we can eliminate our wapka wapsite by deleting all the elements on our index page.
  • Log in to your Wapka panel.
  • Enter to your Wapka wapsite that you want to delete.
  • Click on the "Admin Mode".
  • Click on the "Edit Site".
  • Click on the "Delete Items".
  • Now mark all the "Checkboxes" and Click on the "Delete Selected".
  • You are done.
Now your Wapka wapsite visitor can't see anything, So they think that your wapsite was deleted or blocked.

The Second Way of Deleting Your Wapka Wapiste :

The second way of deleting you wapka wapsite was not very easy. You know wapka wapsite have some rules and regulations. Wapka administrator will remove the site which not following their rules and regulations. 
  • Upload anything that is against Wapka TOS to your wapka wapsite.
  • Contact the Wapka administrator "That a wapsite have some illegal contents".
  • The wapsite will be delete in 24 hours.
With this method, your Wapka wapsite will be deleted from the list itself. Lot of Wapka wapmasters were using this method for delete their wapsite from Wapka.

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