Google Lunches Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

Introduction :

Now a days lot of webmasters website's Mobile Traffic where showed sudden decrease in its statues . This happen because Google where improving their mobile search experience for getting mobile friendly websites . It means that , If you have a website that not friendly for mobiles devices , Then Google Mobile Search Engine decrease your website search rank in mobile devices .

How to Check Weather My Website is Mobile Friendly or Not :

Google Lunches a Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool to Test Websites , With that Testing Tool you can check that weather your website was mobile friendly or not . To Test your website with Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool click on the link address that given below . 
Test Your Website is Mobile Friendly or Not ?
Google Mobile-Friendly Website Testing Tool
  • If Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool show's "Awesome! This Page is Mobile Friendly" Then your website is mobile friendly . Check all your webpages with the tool and make sure all your pages are mobile-friendly .
Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool Shows Error
  • If Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool show's "Not mobile-friendly" Then you are not lucky , Your website is not mobile friendly on Google Mobile Search Engine .

How to Make My Website Mobile-Friendly in Google Mobile Search Engine :

It is not very easy to make your normal website Mobile-Friendly in Google Mobile Search Engine , You need to make some changes in your website html . 
  1. Make your website Responsive Design .
  2. Remove Flash Contents , Animated Contents which cause mobile screen slow .
  3. Make your website font size good and affordable for reading from mobile without zooming .
Some of this things will make your website easily to become an Mobile-Friendly website in Google Mobile Search Engine .

If your website is not ready for Google Mobile Search Engine after doing all this refer the link and learn more from Google Support Team .
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