How to enable Xtgem 5MB Plan on Your Xtgem Wapsite

Introduction :

Xtgem was one of the great mobile site builder which allow wapmaster to create free wapsite without any cost . Like every Wapsite Builders Xtgem also have some rules and regulations to create wapsite using their service . Xtgem doesn't not allow more than 2mp files to upload on their service , This is because , Most of the Wapsite Builders were broken up because of the copyrighted files uploaded by their member to their servers . The copyrighted files always make Wapsite Builders owners get in to the court . But now Xtgem Wapsite Builder extended the 2Mb plan limit to 5Mb plan limit , But for this plan also Xtgem getting some rules and regulations .

Advantages of Xtgem 5MB Upload Plan Limit :

By activating Xtgem 5MB Upload Plan Limit , You can upload Android Files to your Xtgem wapsite . You can upload Mp3 Songs etc .  You can let more visitors comes to your wapsite with this amazing change , By uploading more entertainment files .

Rules & Regulation By Xtgem :

  • Don't Upload Copyrighted Materials to the Xtgem Servers .
  • By activating 5MB Plan , All your 2MB Files will be inaccessible for your visitors . 
  • By activating 5MB Plan , Xtgem will show an industrial ads before downloading the file with Xtgem ads .
  • For premium users the industrial ads will not show before downloading the file by their visitors .

How to Activate Xtgem 5MB Upload Plan :

Xtgem 5MB Upload Plan Activation Steps
  1. Log in to your Xtgem Wapsite Builder .
  2. Enter to the Xtgem wapsite which you want to enable the 5MB Plan .
  3. Click on the "Settings" On the right top .
  4. Click on the "Additional Features" Click on the "5MB File Size Limit" Check box .
  5. Click on the "Change" Button .

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