Recover Your Website and Blog From 404 Page Error

Introduction :

Increasing 404 Page error will highly affect your SEO Traffic, Many webmasters don't know 'How to recover from this kind of errors'. The 404-page errors will be solved by creating a custom 404-page errors on your web server. But the sites with already 1000's of 404-page error will take the site maximum down on search engine ranking. So the website with 1000's of 404-page errors must need to do the following things on the Google Webmaster Tools.

What is Google Webmaster Tools (GWT):

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is one of the popular webmaster tools by Google. Almost 99% of webmasters were using GWT because of its quality. GWT allow webmasters to add their website on Google Search Engine also to improve the website SEO Traffic and quality etc. 

How to Recover My Site From 404 Page Errors:

You can recover your site from 404-page error SEO down in two ways, The first one by creating the deleted page and the second way by removing the deleted page from Google Search Engine.

How to Create The Deleted Page:

First of all you need to find the 404 page errors , You can done them with the GWT . Just log in to your GWT and Find "Crawl Errors" under "Crawl Section" .

Recover From 404 Page Errors

You can see the URL that deleted from your server.
Access to the deleted address and make sure the page removed from your server or not.
If the page not removed from your web server, just click on the "Checkbox" nearby it on GWT and click on the "Mark As Fixed" Button.

If the page was not on your web server, just create the page again , Don't forget to create the page on the same URL address pattern when deleted the page . After the recreation of the deleted page from the web server click on the "Mark As Fixed" button again .

How to Recover From 404 Page Error By Deleting Missed Url From GWT:

Sometimes the Recreation method can't be useful to recover our site from 404-page errors because page deleted because of copyright can't be recreated. In such case, we need to remove the page from GWT and inform Google Search Engine to remove the link. 
404 page error url remove request
To remove the 404 error page from Google Search you need to log into GWT and find "Crawl Errors" under "Crawl section". Find the url address that cause the 404-page error and copy them into a notepad file. After copying all the 404-page errors to the notepad file, Click on the "Google Index" and Click on the "Remove Url's".
  1. Click on the "Create a new removal request" Button .
  2. Copy and paste the "404 page errors URL address" from the notepad .
  3. Click on the "Continue" Button .
  4. Click on the "Submit Request" Button .
  5. You are done .
Remove all the 404-page errors like this.
After informing Google Search Engine, you need to gain access to the "Crawl Error" section.
Click on the "Check Box's" nearby the 404-page error url address that you removed using "Removal Url's" and click on the "Mark As Fixed Button".

By doing the above steps, your site will 100% back to the standard SEO Processing. 

I hope you well enjoyed this article. If you have any doubts related to this article, don't forget to ask me by using the comment box. Thanks