Remove Unwanted Links From Blogs and Websites

Introduction :

In the previous post i explained about Recovering website from 404 page error & SEO . But on this article we are going to learn "How to remove unwanted links from Google Search" . We know that Government Schools was publishing the student's 10th & +2 Results using their official website's . After a specific days the result page must be disappeared otherwise it may be cause to problems, On this case deleting page and removing links from Search Engine was the only solution .

Common Reasons to Remove Link From Google Search Engine :

Webmasters were removing their website links from Google Search Engine because of many reasons , Some of the major reasons to remove links are given below .
  • The article or website page was expired and out of dated , On this case you can remove url from Google Search .
  • Because of DMCA policy (GWT) Ask you to remove links from Google Search Engine .
  • School Timetable , Exam Result , Page can be removed immediately removed by using this step .
  • Blogspot or Wordpress unwanted archive links can be removed by using this step .

How to Remove Links From Google Search Engine :

remove unwanted website or blog links from Google

Go to Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and Log on to your GWT A/c . Enter to the web address that you need to remove the unwanted links . 
  1. Click on the "Google Index" .
  2. Click on the "Remove URLs" .
  3. Click on the "Create a new Removal Request" .
  4. Copy paste the link address that you want to remove from Google Search .
  5. Click on the "Submit" Button .
  6. Click on the "Submit Request" Button .
  7. You are done .
Like this you can remove all the unwanted links from Google Search Engine . Once you removed the page from Google Search , You can't retrieve it .

Does Removing Links From Google Search Effect My SEO Ranking :

Removing links Unwanted links like expired Blogspots , Archive Links , Can't be affect your SEO Ranking but it can improve your SEO Ranking .  Because Google always want good and quality results to show for their clients .

I hope you well understanded this article , If you have any doubts related to this article don't forget to ask me by using the comment box . Thanks