Set Schedule Time For Your Blogger Blog Post

Introduction :

Blogger is one of the greatest blogging platform ever , There is about millions of bloggers where writing blog post on Blogger every day . Most of the webmasters where don't know about the Quality functions developed by Blogger for their bloggers . "Scheduling" Function is one of the great function developed by Blogger , With the "Scheduling" Function blogger's can set Schedule time for their blog post's . Today through this topic you are going to learn "How to use Scheduler option in Blogger and what are the advantages of it" .

Advantage of Schedule System in Blogger :

We know time is precious always  . Creating blog post in a specific time will help us to increase our Blogger blog to increase our Search Engine Ranking's and Alexa Ranking . With "Schedule" Option you can also make post for your feature days like the example given below .
Example : If you are creating a post for Happy Newyear . You can make the post for Happy New year before the date arrives .

How to Schedule a Blogpost on Blogger :

It is very easy to Schedule blog post on Blogger . You need some basic knowledge about Blogger function .
Creating New Post On Blogger For Scheduling

  • Log in to your Blogger A/c and Create New Post . You can't set "Schedule" time for your published post .
Configuring Scheduling Option in Blogger

  • Now write a Blog post which you like to write , After writing the Blog post click on the "Schedule" Option instead of clicking the "Publish" Button . Because you need to set the Date and Time for Schedule before Publishing your blog post .
Setting Up Scheduling Date and Time For Blogger Blog Post

  • Click on the "Set Date and Time" Checkbox and set Date and Time for your post . After setting the date and time for your post , Click on the "Publish" Button . Your blog-post will only publish on the "Scheduled" Date so you don't need to worry when clicking on the "Publish" Button .

How to Un-Schedule Your Blogpost on Blogger :

Once you activated Schedule for your Blog post , You can Un-Schedule them if you not want to Schedule them on a specific date, By using the following step you can Un-Schedule your blogpost . 
  • Log in to Your Blogger Panel .
  • Click on the "Edit Post" to Edit the Blogpost .
  • Click on the "Automatic" Check Box on the Right Side of the Blog Posting option .
I hope you well enjoyed this article , If you have any doubts about this article don't forget to ask us  by using the comment option . Thanks