Create Your Own Custom Contact Us Page on Wapka

Introduction :

It is very important to create a contact us page on every website and wapsite. By placing a contact page on your wapsite , Your visitors can send feedback about your site using them efficiently. Some of the wapmasters were hiding their email address for security, They do not share their personal email for receiving emails from anonymous emails. If you create a contact us page on Wapka you don't have to afraid of your email security , The contact us page can't reveal your email address . If you think that any response or feedback from your wapsite was good then, you can replay them or if the respond was bad, then you don't have to replay for them . 

How to Create Custom Contact Form on Wapka:

It is very easy to create contact form on Wapka because Wapka have lot of pre modded codes which help every beginners in wapka to create their own contact us page . 

To create your contact us page on Wapka follow the instructions given below. To create the contact, us page you need to know some basic of Wapka.
  1. Log in to your Wapka A/c.
  2. Enter to your Wapka wapsite that you want to create the contact us page.
  3. Click on the "Admin Mode".
  4. Click on the "Edit Site".
  5. Click on the "Mail Form".
Configuring Contact Us Page on Wapka
  • By following the image you can just implement a contact form for your Wapka wapsite . Before you click on the "Submit" Button you need to setup the "Form Style" . 

How to Set the Form Style :

I already told you that Wapka has pre modded codes which help you to create contact box and many other things very easy.

Example : Your e-mail: :form- 
Here "Your e-mail:" Just was a Text but ":form-:" Is used to show the "Textbox". So you can use ":form-:" for showing Text Boxes.
  • Code for showing Text Area : "area:text:/form:" . 
  • Code for showing Upload Box : ":form-file:NAME:/form:"
Add the codes into the Textarea of Form Style, Don't forget to add ":br: " Code after every code you added to the form style. 

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