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Introduction :

It is very hard to choose the best mobile site builder for creating a mobile site , There is 100's of free and paid mobile site builders on the internet but non of them giving us the opportunity to create the best mobile site and earning money from it . Xtgem and Wapka was the two best mobile site builders where millions of wapmasters where choose to create their wapsite . But in case of Xtgem and Wapka they have also their own special functionality . So it is very hard to select the best one from the two . Continue read this article and choose the best mobile site builders .

Advantages of Xtgem Mobile Site Builder :

Xtgem was one of the greatest mobile site builder where millions of wapmasters where choosed to create their free wapsite . The main advantages of the Xtgem mobile site builder are given below this text .

Unlimited Disc Space : Xtgem mobile site builder providing Unlimited uploading space for their registered members when they creating mobile site .

Graphical Tools : Xtgem have Graphical tool to create mobile site , Which makes the bigners to create their first wapsite with Xtgem so easy .

Xtfunctions : Xtgem have their own coding patterns like Php called Xtfunctions or Xtcode . By using the Xtcode Xtgem members can create some of the advanced mobile functions like Forum , Blog , Guestbook , Search Engine , Etc .

Sub Domains : Xtgem have lot of sub domains available to create mobile site and for name them , One of the major domain which run by Xtgem was "" .

Domain Parking : Xtgem not allowing their free members to park domain for their wapsite . Xtgem only allow their premium members to park domain for their wapsite .

Bottom Ads : Xtgem show Bottom ads on every mobile site which run with their free service , It is possible to avoid Bottom ads by buying a premium A/c from them .

Uploading Limit : Xtgem members can upload the file which have maximum size of 5MB at a time , The file size can be upgrade by buying a premium plan from Xtgem .

SEO :  Xtgem only have a limited functions to make their members mobile site well optimized by search engine . Wapmaster must need to consist the outside wapmaster site for optimizing their site well for search engines .

Advantages of Wapka Mobile Site Builder :

Wapka also one of the greatest mobile site builder choose by millions of wapmaster to create their mobile site . Wapka have lot of functions like the Xtgem mobile site builder . Some of the major functions and advantages of Wapka are given below . 

Unlimited Disc Space : Wapka also providing Unlimited disc space for their members to upload file for their wapsite . Wapka strictly prohibited the copyrighted and adult files .

Bottom Ads : Wapka also show bottom ads on every wapsite which created with them , There is no way to hide the ads . 

Uploading Limit : According to Xtgem Uploading Limit Wapka members can upload 100MB sized file at a time . 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : Wapka have lot of functions to optimize their site well for Search Engines . Wapka members can generate and maintain "Sitemap" & "Robot.Txt" File directly from the control panel itself .

Domain Parking : Wapka allowing their members to park one premium domain for their wapsite without any coast . 

Sub Domain : Wapka have only three sub domains to create your mobile site with them , 

Alexa Rank Between Wapka & Xtgem :

According to the alexa rank Wapka was the best mobile site builder , Alexa rank showing Wapka having highest traffic according to Xtgem . Some time this may be happen because of the large collection of sub-domains by Xtgem . In my study Xtgem alexa rank increasing and decreasing their rank on different domains , In case of wapka , Wapka only having three sub-domains . 
Site Comparison Between Xtgem & Wapka

Don't choose by look after the Alexa rank , Choose the best one your self by reading all the description above and create the best mobile site and earn money from it . 

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