Register a Free Domain For Your Wapka Wapsite

Introduction :

In the previous post we discussed about register and parking Dot.TK domain to Wapka wapsite , But on this post we are going to discuss about some of the four other free domain's like Dot.TK . CF,GQ,GA,ML are the free domain which available to register for your Wapka wapsite . All this free domains are under the controle of FreeNom.Com . Through this article we are going to learn about "Registering a free domain to your Wapka wapsite" .

How to Register a Free Domain For My Wapka Wapsite :

Registration of  a free domain with FreeNom was very easy like Registering of a free domain on Dot.TK . You must need some minimum knowledge about name server etc .
  • First of all you need to access to FreeNom.Com .
  • Enter the domain name on the Textbox without (www.) Then select appropriate domain extension .
Searching For Free Domain
  • After entering the Domain and selecting domain Extension click on the "Green Search Button" For availability checking . If the domain was available you will automatically enter to the next page of configuring domain , Otherwise you will stuck on the same page by showing an error .
Configuring Free Domain
  • Once you get in to the domain configuration page after you find the available domain do the following configuration like the following steps .
  • Click on the "Use DNS" Check Box .
  • Click on the "You Own DNS" Tab .
  • Set the Name Server 1 to "" and the second Name Server to "" .
  • Now set the "Registration Length" to "12 Months" .
  • Complete the registration procedure with .
  • You are done .

How to Park Free Domain to Wapka Wapsite :

After the domain registration with FreeNom.Com you need to park the domain on your Wapka wapsite , Without parking domain to your Wapka wapsite the domain will be unusual . To park the domain on your Wapka wapsite you need to do the following steps .
  1. Log in to your Wapka A/c .
  2. Enter to the site which you want to park the free domain .
  3. Under the "Basic Functions" Click on the "Domain Manager" .
  4. Now click on the "Own Domain" .
  5. Enter the free domain address wihich you used to register with and click on the "Add Domain" .
  6. You are done .
Once you parked the domain , You need to wait upto 24 hours for refreshing the domain name server , After the successful parking of your domain , Your old wapka subdomain will redirect the visitors to you new free domain .

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