How to Get Google Adsense Approoved In 2015

Introduction :

When we searching at Google with the question "How to get Google Adsense Approved" Many of the bloggers will help us in many ways , But this article was so different from all that topics . Because this article was my personal experience with Google Adsense . I worked 2 years hardly for getting Adsense a/c approved and finally i archived it . Only a person with Adsense a/c can tell "How he get Adsense a/c approved" . Today through this article i am going to share my Adsense experience with you .

How to Get Google Adsense Approval :

I already said it is very easy to get Adsense A/c approved , Only if you follow some basic rules and regulations of Google Adsense Policies . Before reading this article , You must need to learn the basic Policies and Regulations of Google Adsense A/c . You must read each & every topic's .
After reading the Basic Regulations & Policies of Google Adsense , You need to read and follow up the following things on your blog or website .

Premium Domain For Your Blog or Website :

Google Adsense A/c will not approve application's for hosted site which working on sub-domains . So before you apply to Google Adsense you must need to buy a premium domain for your Blog or Website . Also you need to create a privet mail with that domain . Because the privet mail is used to apply for Google Adsense .

Premium Domain Must be Six Years Old : 

Some of the Bloggers and Web developers in India & China where send application for Google Adsense A/c without having any experience with Blogging and its ethics . For that Google Adsense made a special rule that , The application's from India & China users domain must be at least six month old . Some Indian & China users get Google Adsense approved before 6 months , That may because of their friendly blogging experience . 

Must Contain 40 Post's With Quality Content on It :

Some bloggers and Web developers where create 40 pages with in 2 or 3 days after the blog created , A good and quality post's can't be created with in this days . So you must take time in finding quality contents which is useful to the people and create it with at least 500 words in each post . 

You Must Add Your Blog or Website in Google Webmaster Tools & Analytic :

Before applying to Google Adsense A/c you must need to add your website or blog to Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics . The Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics will help the Google Adsense Team to know about your site easily .

Using of Images in Blogs & Website :

Most of the Bloggers and Webmasters where making mistake on this part , Webmasters where search on Google Images for getting images for their website and they just upload the picture to their servers . Most of the images showed in Google Image Search where copyrighted . So it is better to buy images from internet stores .

You Must Need to Add Meta Description For Your Blog Post or Webpages :

Google Adsense will only approve the sites which getting traffic from Google Search Engine and other Organic Search Engines . To get Organic traffic from Google Search or other Search Engine you must need to add Meta Description for each and every page you create and make your pages SEO Friendly .

Apply With Your Private Mail :

You must use your private mail for applying to Google Adsense , Google Adsense getting special priority for the applicants who using privet mail .

Does Need High Amount of Traffic to Get Adsense Approved :

Most of the webmasters have this question on their mind . In my case i have only 300+ All around traffic not Unique traffic . I have about 80 or 70 Unique traffic at a day . So in what am saying it is . Traffic does't matter to get Adsense approve . One of my friend got Adsense approved with just 8 or 7 Unique visitors at a day .

Good & User friendly Design :

Most of the webmasters where using black and highlighted red backgrounds for creating websites . In my case am telling that blog with ugly designs and high load time web site will not get Adsense approved in their life . So your blog must contain Good & User Friendly design .

Does't Contain Adsense Prohibited Content on Your Blog or Website :

Adsense never approve the sites which contain Adult , Copyrighted Contents , Alcohol , Ammunition and the site which contain all other illegal contents . 

This are the basic contents which helped me to get Google Adsense approved . If you have any suggestions or doubts about this topic , Don't forget to comment us using the above comment box . Thanks