Setup Adiquity Ads For Your Wapsite

Introduction :

Every wapmasters where starting wapsite for earning money from it , There is lot of Ad-networks which allowing to earn money by running their ads on wapsite . Adiquity is also one of the great Ad-network which allowing wapmasters to earn money by monetizing with their ads . Most of the bigness where don't know how to setup ads and monetize . Through this article you are going to learn about setup Adiquity ads and monetizing  .

How to Setup Adiquity For Monetizing Ads :

It is very easy to setup Adiquity for monetizing ads on your wapsite . To setup ads through Adiquity you need to create a A/c with them . Click here to register 
  • Log in to your Adiquity A/c .
  • Now do the follow the image and setup ads of Adiquity for your wapsite .
Setting Up Ads Through Adiquity
  • Click on the "Mobile Sites" For adding your mobile site to Adiquity .
Registering New Mobile Site With Adiquity
  • Click on the "Add New Website" For adding your new mobile site to Adiquity .
Entering Details Of Mobile Site To Adiquity
  • On the "Website Url" Enter your mobile site address . On the "Website Name" Enter your mobile site name .On the "Description" Enter your mobile site description .
  • After adding your mobile site to Adiquity you need to wait up-to 24hours for getting approve . Once you get approve . Get in to the next step .
  • Log in to your Adiquity A/c again .
  • Click on the "Mobile Site/App" .
  • Click on the "View" Link with an Eye "Icon" .
  • Click on the "Site ID/Ad-code" .
  • Now click on the "Ad-code" Under the "Action" Tab .
  • Now you can choose which type of code you want to add on your wapsite . If your wapsite support Php code then choose it . Other wise choose "Html" Ad-code , It support on every server and hosted server like Xtgem , Wapka Etc .
  • Now copy paste the code and paste in to your wapsite page , Where ever you want to show the ads of Adiquity and earn money .

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