2015 Top 10 Free CMS to Create Website

Introduction :

It is very easy to create website and blog on year 2015 because the web technologies was improved , Many company's where lunched best and free Content Management System (CMS) to create website for free . Also some of the old CMS development company's where improved their web experience for their clients . Here on this article we are going to learn some of the free CMS that will allow us to create a free website .

Top 10 CMS ( Content Management System ) of 2015 :

Data Life Engine : Data Life Engine was one of the great CMS which allow us to create free website and blog without any coast and easily , It is look like WordPress but its Control panel so different from WordPress . Like WordPress Data Life Engine also have the option to generate Sitemap for ( Search Engine Optimization ) . If you are creating a website which you mostly concentrate on SEO then it is best to select Data Life Engine because it have almost every function to Optimize your website for Search Engine Optimization .

WordPress :  WordPress is one of the leading CMS development company and a free open source script which using millions of people to create website and blog . The main advantage of WordPress is it have lot of themes and plugins available on the market place of internet . If you are creating a website which needs lot's of plugins then it is better to use WordPress . WordPress is also best for Search Engine Optimization . By using WordPress you can create extra functionality web pages like Forum , Social Media , Etc .

Drupal : Drupal is also one of the leading free Opensource like WordPress and Data Life Engine , Drupal is also allow  you to create free website , Only if you have a Hosting Server . Drupal is also allow you to create Forums , File  Uploading & Download , Broadcasting , Blogging Etc .

Joomla : Joomla is also like Drupal but the only one different was by using Joomla the webmaster can create complex website , Joomla have some of the best functions in according to Drupal such as Inventory Control System , Data Reporting Tool , Application Bridge  , Custom Product Catalog , Etc 

Ghost : Ghost is an another open and free CMS like WordPress but this plat form is only for bloggers and web developers who are looking for simplicity . 

Subrion : Subrion is also one of the leading CMS which using thousands of people for creating blog , If you are going to create a blog or website with normal functionality . Then choose this CMS to create it . 

Blogspot : Blogspot is a free hosted service developed by Google , With Blogspot you can create free website or blog , But Blogspot have low functionality in acording to WordPress and Data Life Engine . If you are trying to create a website or blog using free of coast then choose Blogspot . Blogspot is best for Search Engine Optimization . Also have large collection of template and plugins available on the internet market place . 

Xtgem : Actually Xtgem is a mobile site builder but users can also create website using them , Xtgem allow users to upload file which have minimum size of 5mb and they allow to run website in both sub domain and premium domain . They show ads on their free service .

Wapka : Wapka is also like Xtgem , Wapka is also a mobile site builder but the difference between Xtgem and Wapka are Wapka allow their members to upload file sized about 100mb . Also wapka have lot of functions which make the webmaster to create his site easily . Members can add their own premium domains , Also they can create Blog , Forum , Guest book , Etc using Wapka .

Tumblr : Tumblr is another hosted Blogging platform like Blogspot , But the different between Blogspot and Tumblr was Tumblr have the function of Social Media , Where every memebers can share their blog posts to their Tumblr followers . They also can share Picture , Music Etc .

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