Create Android App For Wapka Wapsite

Introduction :

We know today almost 90% of people in the world where using Smartphone for browsing internet , So by creating an Android App for your Wapka Wapsite will help you to increase your traffic double then now . The common problem which forcing the wapmasters to move back was , They don't know Java programming to develop Android Application . So Wapka found a solution for this problem , Wapka developed their own function for creating Android Application . Now every Wapka uers can create their own Android App for free , They don't need to know any kind of programming language to create Android App for their Wapka wapsite . 

Why i Need to Create a Android Application :

By creating an Android App for your Wapka wapsite , You can double your traffic by publishing them on Google Play , Also you can let your visitors to download your App and let your site bookmark on their Smartphone .

How to Create a Android Application For My Wapka Wapsite :

It is very easy to create Android App for your Wapka wapsite just by using the new option made by Wapka developers to create Android Application . For creating your own Android App just follow the following steps .
  • Log in to your Wapka A/c .
  • Enter to the Wapka wapsite which you need to create Android App .
  • On the "Basic Tool" tab click on the "Android App" .
  • Under the "Configuration" Tab enter name of your Android App and click on the "Submit" Button .
  • Under the "Download" Tab click on the "Download" Link for downloading your Wapka wapsite Android App .
Now you can publish the Android App on you site , Or any where you like to publish and make your wapsite traffic more than now . You can double your wapsite traffic by publishing your Android App on Google Play , Almost every webmasters where choosing Google Play for publishing their Android App , Because it will increase their traffic . 

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