Introduction :

It is very easy to create a mobile site today , Because lot of wapmasters where developed Auto-index script's which led all other wapmasters to create their wapsite so easier . The Auto-index script will help the wapmaster to manage his thousands of files uploaded to the server still from the Auto-index Control Panel . It will also help the wapmaster to delete pages , Delete files , Design wapsite , Etc . This Auto-index script also have lot of similarity's with the Master-Land Auto-index and Djamol Auto-index Script . Through this post you will learn about the Advantages of Appzmob Auto-index Script and Installation of it .

Live Demo : Demo Here  & Download .

Appzmob Auto-index Script :

Appzmob will help the wapmaster's to create their wapsite simply by installing CMS to the webserver . Wapmaster don't need to know any kind of programming language to install the script on their server but intend they need to know something about Creating Database and Mysql Sql Chart Importing . Through Appzmob Auto-Index script the administrator of the wapsite can upload Java Games , Android Games , Etc easy . Don't need to create any kind of downloading pages for the uploaded games , The auto-index script will automatically create the pages for the games you uploaded to the server .

How to Install Appzmob Auto-index Script to Server :

It is very easy to install Appzmob Auto-index script to your Web server , To install Appzmob on your Webserver you need some minimum requirements such as Php must be installed on your server , Mysql Database , Phpmyadmin Section .
  • First of all Download Appzmob Auto-index Script : Download Appzmob Script .
  • Upload it to your server root folder .
  • Create a new Database and User database for Appzmob .
  • Now go to the root folder which you uploaded Appzmob script .
  • Edit the "config.php" Page with your Database Username and Password and Save it . 
$dbhost = 'localhost';
$dbuser = 'Database Username Here';
$dbpass = 'Database Password Here';
$dbname = 'Database Name Here';

$linkid = mysql_connect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpass);
die("Could Not Coonect To ".$dbhost."");
die("Could Not Coonect To Database -".$dbname."");
  • Now you need to go to the "Admin" Folder and edit the "config.php" File same like the "config.php" Page you edited before this step .
  • Now you need to upload the "cool.sql" and "game.sql" Page to the Phpmyadmin by selecting the Database which you created for Appzmob .
  • Don't know uploading Sql file to PhpMyAdmin then learn from here : Importing Sql File to PhpMyAdmin .
  • You are done .

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