Get Google Adsense Approved For Your Wapka Wapsite

Introduction :

We know that there is nothing else to beat Google Adsense . Millions of webmasters and wapmasters where making millions with Google Adsense . Because they paying high CPC rate than any other ad-network . But getting approved from Google Adsense is not a easy job . Ad-sense maintain their quality of service with strict terms and policy's .  To get Adsense approved , You must obey the policy's . Through this article you will learn about how to get Adsense approved for your Wapka wapsite .

How to Get Google Adsense Approved For Your Wapka Wapsite :

I already said that Google Adsense maintain some strict rules and regulations . So you must need to read those rules and regulations before continue reading this article . 
I hope you got a clear explanation about Google Adsense Privacy Policies . If you are , Then continue to the next paragraph .

Premium Domain For Wapka Wapsite :

Your Wapka wapsite must have a premium domain to get Google Adsense approved , Premium domain means (.com , .in , .net , Etc) are premium domains . Without having a premium domain you never get Adsense approved for your Wapka wapsite . 

Premium Domain Must be Six Month Old :

Premium domain that you parked for your Wapka wapsite must be six months older in age after adding it on Google Webmaster Tools , Adsense never mind the buying time but mind on crawling time of the domain after you adding the domain on Google Webmaster Tools .

You Must Need to Add Your Wapka Wapsite on Google Search Engine :

Adsense will easly approve the site which getting more organic traffic from Search Engines , So you must need to add your Wapka wapsite to Google Search Engine . For adding your Wapka wapsite to Google Search Engine , You can refer the topic below this paragraph .

Add Your Wapka Wapsite on Google Analytic :

You must need to add your Wapka wapsite to Google Analytics , Because by adding your site to Google Adsense the chance of getting Google Adsense will improve . By adding your Wapka wapsite on Google nalytic, Google Adsense team can know more about your Wapka wapsite .

Quality Contents on Your Wapka Wapsite :

Google Adsense never approve the site which contain illegal contents , Contents which exploit Google Adsense policies . Also your Wapka wapsite must contain 40 pages with 500 text content on each page . If your Wapka wapsite have more text contents on it . Then the chance to get Google Adsense is more .

Apply With Your Privet Mail :

To get Google Adsense fast , You must need to apply with your Privet Mail . By buying a premium domain from any domain registrar you will get a free Privet Mail a/c . 

Using Of Images on Your Wapka Wapsite :

Do not add images which is owned by other's to your Wapka wapsite . Most of the webmasters and wapmasters where doing this mistake . Almost every images that's you are search on Google Images Search Engine are copyrighted . 

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