Introduction :

We all know about Mysql Database , Most of the websites on the internet where using Mysql Database for designing their website in advanced level . Without having Mysql on their server , They can't develop any kind of advanced system's for their website such as Registration , Log-in , Etc . Mysql Database consist Sql Files for obtaining data . The Sql file contain all the tables and rows fills with secrete and un-secrete information which developed by the administrator of the website . To run the Sql file it need supportive operating system . In Cpanel it is PhpMyAdmin . Most of the bigness which using Cpanel don't know about importing Sql file to PhpMyAdmin . On this article you will learn about Importing Sql file to PhpMyAdmin .

How to Import Sql File to PhpMyAdmin :

It is very easy to upload Sql File to PhpMyAdmin by just following the above method , You must have a minimum knowledge about Cpanel or any operating system which you using for running PhpMyAdmin .
  • Get in to PhpMyAdmin Operating Window .
  • Now you need to select the "Database" Which you need to "Import" Database .
Selecting Database From PhpMyAdmin
  • After Selecting the "Database" You need to click on the "Import" Tab for Importing the"Sql" File .
Uploading Sql File to PhpMyAdmin
  • Click on the "Choose File" and select the "Sql" File to be uploaded to the "Database" .
  • Click on the "Go" Button for finalizing uploading .
  • You are done .
You can also upload compressed file to PhpMyAdmin , But the file extansion must be .[format].[compression] Example :

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