Protect Your Adsense A/c From Fraud Clicks

Introduction :

Adsense is one of the famous ad-network which using millions of webmasters and wapmasters to earn money from their website and mobile site . Publishers loving Adsense because it is the only one Ad-network which pay high CPC (Coast Per Click) and CPM (Coast Per Impression) . It is not very easy to get Adsense approved for a website , Adsense maintains many rules and regulations to protect their system of advertising . So once Adsense get approved for a website . The administrator of that website must need to learn about the prevention method to avoid fraud click . Through this article you will learn about some of the ways which you can use for preventing fraud click on Adsense ads .

How to Protect Adsense Ads Which Runs on Blogger Blog :

Many of the Blogspot bloggers where asked this question on Google Adsense Product form . Actually Blogspot don't have any plugins to prevent fraud click on Adsense Ads . But Adsense have lot of options to determine which click was real and which click was fraud . The problem was Google Adsense never let us know that we are getting fraud click on our ads . But some of the Analytic tools like Stat-counter can help us to prevent fraud click on our Adsense ads .

How to Use Stat-counter For Protecting Blogger Adsense Ads :

Stat-counter is one of the great Analytic tool using lot of webmaster to analyse their website and blog , Stat-counter has a option to Label Users IP . By Labeling a users Ip we can identify the user who visited our blog and what he actually doing on our blog . Here i will show you a example that i labeled a user for finding fraud click activities .
You can check the user Exit link activities by just scrolling down the page , You can see how many times the users clicked on the Google Adsense on same date . If more than 3 or 4 clicks at a day by one user then you can prevent him from click on your Adsense ads again by blocking his IP address .
Actually there is no option to Block IP in stat-counter from visiting our Blogger blog . But by using an JavaScript we can prevent the IP address from visiting our blog . Just Copy and Paste the below code to your Blogger blog and edit the IP address with the IP address of fraud click users .
<script type="text/javascript">
// Enter The IP Address Of The Farud Click Users .... 
var bannedips=["", ""]

var ip = '<!--#echo var="REMOTE_ADDR"-->'

var handleips=bannedips.join("|")
handleips=new RegExp(handleips, "i")

if (!=-1){ 
alert("Your IP has been banned from this site. Redirecting...")

I hope this is tutorial is worked for you .. If you have any problem with the above tutorial just contact me by using the comment box . You can also use the above tutorial for protecting your Website Adsense Account from invalid click activities .

How to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Invalid Clicks :

It is very easy to protect your Adsense Account from invalid click , Only if you are using a WordPress CMS to create your blog . WordPress have lot of Plugin to prevent Invalid click activities . Here i will introduce some of the major Plugins which will help you to prevent Invalid click activities on your Adsense Ads .
I hope this two plugin's helped you to protect your WordPress Blog Adsense Account .

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