Introduction :

Php is a server side programming language so it never run on normal PC like the Html or Java programming language . Developers need to consist Servers for developing Php files . But by using Xampp servers the developers of Php can run Php files on their PC it self . Xampp is a free opensource software which allow the system to act like a server . Xampp also help to create Database for creating advanced Php pages , Because Xampp contain PhpMyAdmin option . Through this article you are going to learn about Running a Php file Using Xampp Server . 

How to Run Php File Using Xampp Server :

It is very easy to run Php File using Xampp Server , If you did't installed Xampp Server software on your PC then install the Xampp server for your PC by clicking the : Download It Now 
  • To run Php file using Xampp Server , First of all you need to open "Xampp control panel" and start Apache and Mysql by clicking the "Start" Button .
Start Apache and Mysql Server From Xampp Control Panel
  • After starting the "Apache" and "Mysql" you need to go to the folder of Xampp server which you installed on your PC and find the folder "htdocs"  Create a folder "example" inside the "htdocs" and paste the "Php" File which you want to run on your PC .
Create folder example inside htdocs
  • Now you need to open the "Internet Explorer" or any other browsing software which you are using to browse internet and go to the following address "http://localhost/example" and click on the "Php" File which you need to run .
Navigate to the example folder
  • You are done .

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