Top 10 Ad-Networks to Earn Money From Wapsite

Introduction :

Making money from mobile or wapsite was quite more easier than before 5 years back , By the lunching of Wapka and Xtgem millions of wapmasters where started to build their own wapsite and started to make money . Few years back there is only 2 or 3 Ad-networks where allowing mobile site to earn money by displaying ads but today everything where changed . There is 100's of mobile Ad-networks where open and the competitions where still over rolling . Wapmasters where changing their Ad-network agencies day by day with new for getting high payment . Through this article you are going to learn some of the best and top paying ad-networks .

Networks Description
Adtwirl Adtwirl is one of the growing mobile ad-network , Wapmasters can make huge money from this ad-network even low traffic . Traffic from US was appreciated with high CPM and CPC . Minimum payout $10 Through Paypal
Uc-Union Uc-Union was one of the great mobile ad-network which allow to earn money from wapsite just for ECPM and CPC also for installing Apps . Their minimum payout was 10$ through Paypal . Uc-union also supports Bank Transfer .
BuzzCity BuzzCity is also like Uc-union , Wapmasters can earn money by monitizing their wapsite with BuzzCity ads . BuzzCity supports both Paypal and Wire Transfer method . BuzzCity minimum payout was $200 .
Inmobi Inmobi also allow wapmasters to earn money from their mobile site , Inmobi pay low coast for CPC but wapsite with high traffic from European country's can use Inmobi , Because CPC rate was high on European country's .
Smaato Smaato is also a good option to make money from wapsite's . Their minimum payout through Paypal was $25 . They paying money for both CPC and ECPM .
MobPartner MobPartner is another ad-network , But this ad-network was so different from the above and below adnetworks because MobPartner was paying money for only CPA ( COAST PER ACTION ) .
Adiquity Adiquity is also one of the greatest mobile Ad-network where 100 thousand of wapmasters where chooses to make money from their wapsite , They paying money for both CPC and ECPM .
Vserv Vserv is also best for making money from wapsite , Wapsite with 1000 of traffic can choose this ad-network to earn money . Paying money for both CPM and CPC .
Admoda Admoda is also quite good ad-network to earn money from wapsite , Their minimum payout was $100 through Paypal and Wire transfer .
Mojiva Mojiva is also a good option to make money from wapsite , If you have a good wapsite with high US & Canada traffic then you can make huge money from this ad-network

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