Adiquity Earnings Increasing Techniques

Introduction :

Adiquity is one of the great ad-network which allow wapmasters to earn money from their mobile site , Thousands of wapmasters where running Adiquity ads on their site for earning money some of them made success and some of them not . From 100% only 20% of wapmasters where made success this not because of their traffic problem , Actually this is because of some technical problem made by the wapsite contents . Through this article you will learn about the major problems which made your wapsite low earnings on Adiquity and their Resolves .

Because of Low Fill Rate :

Most of the Indian wapmasters having this problem , Because they getting a large amount of visitors from India not from the country US or United Kingdom . Indian publishers are not interested to publish their ads through Ad-network community like Adiquity or their partnered networks , Only a few amount of people interested in publishing their ads through mobile advertising network . But from US and United Kingdom large amount of publishers where publishing their ads through mobile advertisers . So traffic from India will not increase your Fill Rate , But traffic from US and United Kingdom will help you to increase your Fill Rate maximum .

How to Increase My Adiquity Ads Fill Rate :

It is very easy to maximize your Fill Rate , Only you have to do that try to get maximum traffic from the country which allow you to increase your Fill Rate more , In my case am recommending traffic from country US and United Kingdom will improve your Fill Rate more . 

How to Get Country Based Traffic to Increase Fill Rate :

It is very easy to increase your traffic from special country's , For this you need to track your wapsite regularly with Statcounter or Google Analytic , I am using Statcounter because it is more user friendly than Google Analytic . The Tracking tool allow you to know the Keywords and Country's which getting more traffic to your wapsite . Copy down the Keyword which used to come to your wapsite via search engine from the country you targeting . Add more contents realted to the keyword which used by the visitor comes from the country which you targeting . This will help you to get more country based traffic to your wapsite .
Country Based Traffic Targetting

Add Maximum 5 Ads Per Page :

Almost every wapmasters where add more than 5 ads per page , This will not increase your earnings but it will cause you to get banes from the Ad-network which you are running . So better add maximum of 5 ads per page , It will also allow you to increase your Fill Rate and earnings .

Add Your Wapsite on Country Targeted Traffic Exchange : 

Some of the Traffic Exchanging networks allow you to increase your country based traffic , By exchanging your low quality Indian traffic with high paying US and United Kingdom traffic . Adshub will allow you to increase your high quality traffic . 

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