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Introduction :

We already know that Wapka was the no.1 mobile site builder in the word , Wapka always trying to make their own Tag code for making functions . Such as file-list , Auto-indexing , Running advertisement etc , Like that Wapka have their own code to display different type of counters on their members site such as Registration Counter , Online Counter , Staf Counter , Etc .  Through this article you can access to various type of counters which help you to design your Wapka wapsite .

Wapka PM Counter :

The following codes will help you to show number of messages comes to your members message box , Number of message they where deleted , Number of messages they read etc .
New Inbox Msg :*pmcount-new:
Total Inbox Msg: :*pmcount-in:
Outbox Msg: :*pmcount-out:
Delate/Trash Msg: :*pmcount-tr:

Wapka Chat Counter :

This Wapka code is used for showing the number of people inside the chat live on the chat page .
Chat Online: *chat-CHATID/count:

Wapka Online Counter :

This Wapka code is used for show the number of people where browsing the site , Total number of loges people , Today top logs , Highest online ever , Etc 
Total Online: :*stats-online:<br/>Logged Online: :*stats-online-l:<br/>NonLogged Online: :*stats-online-n:<br/>Online Here: :*userstats:d=oa,wl=SITEID,l=0:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Highest Online Today: :*stats-olmc-t:<br/>Highest Online Weekly: :*stats-olmc-w:<br/>Highest Online Monthly: :*stats-olmc-m:<br/>Highest Online: :*stats-olmc:sadasdas

Wapka Friends Counter :

This code is used in Wapka for sowing , Number of friends for a member in your Wapka wapsite , This code also show's Online Friends , Actives Friends , Refused Friends , Etc .
Total friends: :*friends-ac:<br/>
Online friends: :*friends-oc:<br/>
Actives friends: :*friends-act:<br/>
New friend requests: :*friends-new:<br/>
Refused friends: :*friends-ref:

Wapka Members Counter :

Wapka members counter will show the Total members in a Wapka wapsite , Also show Active Members , Today Registered Members , Weekly Registered Members , Monthly Registered Members Etc .
Members Online: :*stats-online-l:<br/>Active Today Members: :*userstats:d=ru,l=0,tl=24:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Total Members: :*stats-ru:<br/>Today Reg Member: :*userstats:d=ru,tr=24,l=0:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Weekly Reg Member: :*userstats:d=ru,tr=168,l=0:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Monthly Reg Member: :*userstats:d=ru,tr=720,l=0:: :: :/userstats:

Wapka Stuff Counter :

This Wapka counter will shows the number of Head Admins in a Wapka wapsite , Also shows Local Admin , Moderators Count Etc .
Moderator: :*userstats:d=ru,l=0,wp=2:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Local Admin: :*userstats:d=ru,l=0,wp=3:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Head Admin: :*userstats:d=ru,l=0,wp=4:: :: :/userstats:

Wapka Block Counter :

This Wapka counter will shows the Temporarily Blocked members count and Permanently Blocked members count . 
Permanently Block: :*userstats:d=ru,l=0,ws=2:: :: :/userstats:<br/>Temporarily Block: :*userstats:d=ru,l=0,ws=3:: :: :/userstats:

Wapka Blog Counter :

This Wapka counter code will show the Blog Post count's made by members and admin in a Wapka Wapsite .
Total Blog: :*bloglist:l=0:: :: :/bloglist:

Wapka File Counter :

This Wapka counter will show the Number of Files Uploaded to Wapka Wapsite , Also shows the File Size , Total Member Uploaded Files , All File Size , Total Traffic , Uploaded Files , Etc .
You Upload: :*filelist:d=g,l=0,x=u:: ::  :/filelist: Files<br/>Total Member Upload: :*filelist:d=g,l=0:: :: :/filelist: Files<br/>Have Total: :*filelist:d=D1 D2,l=0:: :: :/filelist: Files<br/>All File size: :*fstat-size-FILEID:<br/>Uploaded: :*ftstat-count: Files<br/>All File Size: :*ftstat-size:<br/>Total Download: :*ftstat-dl: Times<br/>Total traffic: :*ftstat-dlsize:<br/>All File Size: :*ftstat-maxupl:

Wapka Forum Counter :

This Wapka counter will show the Total Number Theme Created in a Wapka Wapsite Forum , Also shows the Number of Theme Created Today , The Number of Messages by Days , Etc .
Total Message: :*forum-FORUMID/count:<br/>
Total Topic/Theme: :*forum-FORUMID/th_count:<br/>
Today Created: :*forum-FORUMID/today_thcount: Topic/Theme<br/>
Today posted: :*forum-FORUMID/today_msgcount: Messages<br/>

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