android studio

Introduction :

Android Studio is one of the great Android App development software . In the olden days Developers where chooses Eclipse for developing Android software but now on the following days they will follow Android Studio because the software made-up for only Android App development . It is very hard to develop an Android App using Eclipse because it consist lot of plugins library's , The developer need to download each of the Plugin Library to work with Eclipse but in case of Android Studio it will automatically download each and every kind of Plugin's that the user need to create Android App at the development time . On this article you will learn about the simplest way to download the Android Studio Exe direct from Android Developer Center .

How to Download Android Studio :

It is very easy to download Android Studio direct to your Pc , If you have a internet connection with low speed then it is better to use Download Accelerator Plus or Internet Downloading Manager because Android Studio is about 823 MB in file size .
  • First of all you need to access : Android Developers 
  • Android Developer is the site for download Android Studio , There you can see the Button to download Android Studio direct to your PC .
Step 1 to Download Android Studio
  • After click on the "Download Android Studio" Green Button you will automatically redirect to another page there you can see the "Terms & Conditions" Read those carefully and do the next procedure as like the following image below .
Step 2 to Download Android Studio
  • After reading the "Terms & Conditions" Click on he "Download Android Studio for Windows" Blue Button to Continue .
  • You are Done .

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